Saturday, June 6, 2009

Yau Char Kwai aka Cruller

Yau char kwai is literally translated into deep fry ghost. There is a very long story into the origins of this food but I will leave it till the next time before I introduce the history and for now ….

Introducing the longest YCK I’ve ever had so far in my life. Below are the attached photos of the cruller and each picture will speak for itself. The cruller stall is located in Paya Terubong situated opposite Pantai Timur Coffee shop.

The cruller produced in this stall at the first glance will be the same as all the other cruller stalls but on second look you will find heavy machinery that are commonly used in big hotels and restaurants. Upon seeing those heavy equipment most must be wondering why does a YCK stall need such heavy equipment but soon enough you will see for yourself.

In the process of the making, often the dough is left to rest for approximately a day covered with a dampen cloth and later to be flatten out and deep fried. The most amazing part of the entire process will be during the deep frying of the YCK for during that time, the YCK can be seen expanding into unbelievable size and the usual will expand 5-6 time the original length but today the YCK and grown to an astonishing 14 inches and that is what makes the YCK so special.

This stall is famous for its long YCK served in many varieties as seen in the pictures attached. Each set shall cost in the range between RM1.00 to Rm3.50 for each set consisting of a whole YCK with or without its filling. However, some filling may be to the liking of the Asian tongue but to some it may seem strange to their taste buds. Some of these variants sold with the filling are just over powering and heavy but there are also a few combination s that is nevertheless amazing and intriguing to our minds.

Nevertheless, it will be really nice to eat YCK hot and just fried alongside several side dishes or fillings and not forgetting as well the black coffee that is a must to the local culture. Not much of words left but the actions to be taken and thou shall take a step into an adventurous journey to Paya Terubong to savor the really very the LOOONNNNGGGGG YCK. The picture below shows the various variety that one can choose from the menu.