Friday, July 27, 2007

OuT fOr LuNch!!!!

Well, lunch is a common subject that we all need to go thru as long as we live.. and i ahd my fair share of ups and downs and therefore to prevent others from receiving the same dissapointment i shall share my dining experience with everybody.(taste and requirement for food may differ for every individual)

This is one of the restaurants cum kopitiam(modern day kopitiam ler..means everything also more expensive one

Well, the first course usually will be the drinks. As for drinks, its very common for this is premixed solutions and just blended with ice without any special recipe's.

Then there is the main course as usual, there are many varieties of the western menu on da main course and this is just one of it. IT cos RM 8.90 and is called some mexican chic . My first impression to it was.. What is this???
THis is the work of a very unsatisfied person perhaps its like throwing everything on the plate in a rush. Please observe the piece of chicken sitting there. its such a small piece and the chicken is pre-scored before cooking but the cutting skills is quite bad causing the chicken to look bad itself. The vegetables is very unappealing. Overall including the taste i will only give 2 out of 5 stars.

Ok, this looks very much better, and appetising its called BIG BREAD.. Well, the bread is soft and quite dry to me but it is meant to be this way for u have to dip it in da curry. To my amazement the bread is massed produced bread and bought commercially and the taste is really very tasteless and not filling like i expect. to the curry..The curry is really of out of taste and very low consistency or water like. U may mistaken it for some soup. However, it cost RM4.50

NASI LEMAK AYAM.. SOunds nice, LooKs Nice... now nasi lemak is something very common in MALAYSIA but flavours may differ according to the cook who prepares it. This nasi lemak is dissapointing because of the chicken curry. The chicken curry hass the consistency of mineral water and just a slight hint oc chicken curry aroma. The piece of chicken wing however was quite soft and tender. The rice was really something to remeber for the taste and aroma is very well balanced. This plate of nasi lemak cost RM4.90.

Well, u may get the same thing with better quality out by the streets for a lower price and maybe of higher quality. However, this KOPITIAM provides for wifi users and that may be the ultimate reason why this KOPITIAM is ever establised and not for the food.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


IN life, evevrybody goes thru ups and downs..

Everybody including me, at one point of time will find ourselves very attached to something of somesort and that is our life line to live on and if we lose it then it is the end of our world..
Sad isn't it??

These are called feelings, feelings are things u feel and u cannot see, see and u cannot touch, touch and u will die..!!!

The reason for the above statement is... if it happens to u urself then u will feel it and u cannot see it. If it happens to ur frens then u will be acle to see it but u will not be able to touch and the final phrase says that if u insist on touching....BEWARE....PARANG COMING THRU!!!

As we like to say in my college class,,,..."ITS ALL PART OF GROWING UP" this phrase always make me think of my friends in high school and in college and those i meet..

Acquaintance and friends alike.. its always our fate that has brought us together and those times we shared shall always stay as memories whether sweet or bitter...we know " WE'VE GONE THRU IT TOGETHER"

However, all happy moments must always come to an end.. IN life we tend to call this a cycle of friends.. the old will recide and the new ones come in and the cycle goes on but still we sill find a place for all of our friends in our hearts.

This applies for not only friends but also to our pets and the most importantly FAMILY ...

As the cycle goes on, we tend to go off track and sometimes we end up in da junk because we cannot let go of that attached feeling that we have after bonding to something or someone that we know after sometime.


That is always the case for everyone alike.

In high school, i use to say that "LIFE IS MISERABLE/ LIFE IS BORING'

I always thought that college life or varsity life would be much more interesting than high school. BUt getting in to college proved me wrong, i thought hard to myself and i could only blame myself for not appreciating the times i had in high school.


I saw this phrase in my high school and i remember it till this day.. This is to say that i live my life based on principles of life and QUotations often created on my own.

Opportunities come and go as they please, if we do not grab the opportunity in front of us at that very moment then we will not know when it will approach again.

Thoughts are often what is left when we do not take the opportunities and we weep ourselves out when we let go of our single route to success.

Feelings are very treacherous things , it may be progressive or even depressing.

When troubles come for me, i only tell myself "IT IS ONLY WHEN WE FALL WILL WE LEARN AND REMEMBER"

After going thru 20 yrs of SWEET, BITTER, SOUR AND SALTINESS of life, i realised that life is actually a very big simulation game and we are the players and also the creator of the game that we are playing. We tend to cause our own disqualifications and success.

Gods teachings for all races are the handbook. THis applies to all religion.

The handbook provides us guidelines for how the game is played but the human nature lures us into our dark side and brings us to explore the world within our souls and unleashing the devil in us.

In conclusion, In life there are ups and downs, things comes in cycle's, they come and they go.,

This is the law of affect and effect or in short we call it karma.

Monday, July 23, 2007


sorry for not posting anything ... i have been busy these few days with work and my exams nearing

i will give a glimpse of my work in a day or two after i finish my final exams..

I AM GONNA GRADUATE....isnt that fun... i dont think so

okok.. time to go... i'm leaving for college now.. final paper...BAKERY

Thursday, July 19, 2007


Well.. the night started out normally as i came back from work and straight into my room and sits in front of my little laptop. I was so obsessed SHOUTING but i took a break for my bath..

To my surprise when i came back to the screen, the topic was WENDY ...

All shouters have a KIND AND CARING HEART.. They were all worried bout WENDY's safety some of them even msg her and she still jokes bout doggies accompanying her....( hhahahaha... very funny)

Suddenly as i touched the keyboard and send out some shouts... TAAAADAAAA*all pointing to me...

Out of the dark, AL, ANGELINE & CHEE HSIEN asked me to go look for her at the beach..
so i msg WENDY again to ask if she's ok but all of a sudden she did not reply any msg from me and Chee Hsien.. WORRIED was the only word in my mind during that time and stupid thoughts starts to run thru my mind.

Out of my room!!!! Out of da house!!!! Down 22floors in da elevator!!!!! OHHH SHIIIITTT!!
(forgot wallet) Up 22 floors!!!! In da HSe!!! In da room!!! Grab Wallet!!! Down 22 floors!!!
Straight to my bike.... and VRoooooooooommmmmm.........

Decision was hard....


So.... i decided...TURN LEFT.... across the dark cemetery( if i forgot to tell u ppl... i live behind PCGHS) All the way i was praying but not to keep the ghost away .... i was praying hard that WENDY is doing well....*hopes she's not stressed out..

Faster and faster i went and i terus CUCUK MASUK the lane beside Crown Jewel and Straight on the beach....

As mummy and daddy taught me....,,,,,,, LOOK LEFT LOOK RIGHT LOOK LEFT AGAIN..
Well sad to say its not working this time...(pls remember its already 1 am)

All i could see was darkness and shadows making out along the beach* nasty taught came in my mind( is WENDY MAKING OUT) hahaha..

SHooOOoo....Out the thought went..... i walked from one end of the beach to the other and i called WENDY'S HP SEVERAL TIMES... All i could hear was this...>>

operator: this is the voicemail box for....( i tutup d... wanna wait for what)

I even searched over the rocks cos i worried she does something stupid out of depression.( u will never know what a depressed person may do)

Out of desperation, i called Chee Hsien... all he could told me was..."WENDY DIN REPLY MY MSG'S"

So, i terus tutup talipon and search again when suddenly * phone beeps... incoming msg..

Guesssss who???? Its no other than WENDY...

she wrote this:

Swt i went home di la

In rage .......

i wanted to strangle her immediately... but.. deep inside my heart, i was GOD DAMN F***ING RELIEVED THAT SHE IS AT HOME SAFELY...

That was the point of the journey thr anyway... so i rode back home across the cemetery again and straight away to my laptop... guess what this time????



but still i was really glad WENDY is safe..

Today on the 20th of July , the most incredible moment of rescue..

And for the above reason i shall remember this very date for eternity..


Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Viewers and Bloggers alike

Well, WOrds Words WOrds....

Haha!!! U are thinking that this about the song that beegees sang decades ago right???


WORDS are the most powerful thing used by mankind.. It can be used even to hurt or heal...
imagine the power it posseses...

Many things wouldnt be around if it isnt for WORDS.. Gods ways are Spread using WORDS and his teachings written all in WORDS so all mankind can read...( it applies to all religion)

Imagine a world without WORDS... HOw can we communicate to each other..??

BUt however, WORDS can also bring destruction... Ever heard of the word SPECULATION... this SPECULATION also needs words to back it up...

There wouldn't any progress in the world if there was no WORDS... Can anyone imagine a world without communication????

However.. just imagine.. 1 single WORD can bring lots of meaning.. SO... imagine a few of them stringed together... it will even bring the world down..

WEll... to hit the spot... many bloggers and viewers alike do not actually read those stupid long long blogs that is full of information or a story written in desperation... The phrase"a picture speaks a thousand words" has actually kicked in overthrowing "a pen is sharper than a spear"

Almost everybody is the same.. believe it or not, u can try writing thousands and thousands of words but still u will be the only one knowing what in the world u are writing about.. This is one of the main reasons why we only see very scarce groups of story writers... WHERE IS THE APPRECIATION TO ALL THEIR WORK??????/

Blogs which have many many pictures are labelled as good blogs and less pictures are gone case..

Lets see... even if i scold someone here nobody will even realise...KNNCCB

ok to prove my words..... ALL SHOUTERS ARE HEARTLESS

nobody will know... hahahaha i am just writing all these crap to satisfy myself and to prove tomyself that my theory is right....

What has HAPPENED to MR>APPRECIATION... Isnt anybody seeing him anymore???

After much thought , i did say some things that hurt others...( i MIS-USED WORDS)...

WORDS often slip out of me without me knowing and hurting others before i could hold it back...

I never meant to hurt anyone with any WORD or WORDS i say... i didnt mean to BELITTLE anyone.. AT times i just say something for the sake of saying it( if u know what i mean)
I feel really bad when i hurt someone unintentionally...

And well straight to the point!!!!! I have hurt many ppl with my Words.. All i have to say for myself for now is..


Wednesday, July 11, 2007

TOm YAm GOOng!!!!!

well, spicyness is part of daily lives here in THE PEARL OF THE ORIENT

Recipe of the day is "TOM YAM GOONG"


So TOm YAm GOONg means , " SPIcy Soup WIf Prawns"

The ingredients u will need are
( because most ppl reading this is lazy so i give the instant recipe... haha)

lemongrass( hentam.. just hit not crush) 1 stalk
lime leaf (koyak) 2-3 leafs
onion (quart it) 2 numbers
tomatoes (quart) 1 numbers
cilipadi ( choose small small 1,hentam) 5-6 sticks
young corn ( cut half) 3-4 numbers
button mushroom (quart) 5 numbers
lime juice 2 tablespoon
water 500ml
evaporated milk 2tablespoon

1. Boil lemongrass, limeleaf, onions, tomatoes, cilipadi until onion losses colour and mixture gives out fragrance.
2. Add in young corn and button mushroom and bring to boil.
3. Next, add in lime juice and adjust taste with salt and sugar based on personal preference.
4. finally top it with evaporated milk before serving...
5. Voila,!!!!! eat!!!

Sunday, July 8, 2007

CarBOnaRa alA VIngIE

BEcause to day my mood very good and i dowan Criz and Vingie confuse between marinara and carbonara..

"WO SI SEN CHI CI" to write this recipe

Spaghetti Carbonara

garlic (sliced) 5 cloves( 5 ulas)
thyme 1 teaspoon
yellow onion ( sliced) 50gram
bacon (sliced) 50gram
olive oil 2 tablespoon
creme 300ml
butter 1 tablespoon
parmesan cheese 20gram

Spaghetti 150grams

1. boil da spaghetti in combination of water and a little bit of salt and oil. and set aside.
2.heat up the pan and put in the olive oil before adding in the butter.
3.tumis the garlic until light coloured before putting in the thyme, onion and bacon.
4.tumis everything a until flavourful
5.add in creme and slow down fire and let to simmer until thicken a little. add in the cheese and the spaghetti and kacau kacau before pour on plate.
7. if u like u can pour a little bit white wine on top( i tablespoon is more than enuf)
8. put fresh parsley in middle so look nicer..( hahaha.. depends on personal preference)
9. sprinkle some balck or white pepper on top for final touch and taste..
10.. adjust with salt for better taste

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Farewell SHOUTER.. oR Is iT??

We'll days back .. i overheard CHee Hsien and Benjipapa talking bout a farewell for our fellow bloggers.. Christina yy and KP...( i bet these 2 dont even know about the event) Well, it sounds fun with all the ppl there and stuff we are gonna do. THe initial plan was to go to Queens BAy mall for lunch at 12pm and continue on at Gurney Plaza..

WOW!!! Great plan i thought to myself.. So.. out of the dark, i decided to tag along and join in the ShoutOut family gathering to send off out comrades..

Finally,,,..... The day came and all i can think of is " how these ppl look like huh??"

Its because i neva see them before..

So... UNUSUALLY, on the 7th of JUly 2007... I made myself wake up at 10.30... I sprang out of bed and straight to the shower and rushed into some of my rags and straight to my trusty bike( new 1 k)...

On the bike i went and the watch shows 11.30 am.. but i told myself " what the heck!!! New BIke must buy 4D" and so i went straight to MAGNUM and DA MA CAI" ... Now my watch shows 11.40am..( if u do not know... i'm still at tjg.. tokong)..

I told myself again "SHout out ppl very forgiving 1, they will forgive a little lateness 1" .. Then i hurriedly rush to QBM.... When i reach QBM... to my dismay.. all full d... bike also cannot go in.. and had to take de tour and turn thru pantai jerjak area....

OK.. skip the parking and stuff... So i headed straight to the Coffee BEan to look for some familiar faces waiting stupidly.. ( i forgot to tell... i got there at 12.15 pm) well. i did see some "LALA MUI" sitting there.. i dunno t is it a shouter or not.. so i decided to go take a walk first.. TO AND FRO AND INTO THE BOOKSTORE AND OUT AND TO COFFEE BEAN..
and still no one familiar... but..

I saw a whole group of ppl like 15 ppl.. i told myself " SHOUT OUT so many supportive ppl 1 woh" but i dare not approach.. so i call 1st..( i call MINNY)


ME: minny.. u know who i am???
MINNY: dunno wor!! Who are u??
ME: KHUEN!!! Where are u??
MINNY: ah?? ah?? ah?? Chef izzit.. ohh. i at parking( thought to myself" huh.. 12.45pm d")
ME: okok. wait at coffee bean..

So i faster walk to coffee bean.. i oni can see CH standing there.. so i waited like BEDEGUNG with him until like 1pm then oni Cedric, MInny and Benji showed up...


ME : CH whats the plan..
CH. dunno wor.. go fin some where eat lo..
ME : ok lets go..
( the discussion went on like this for 15minutes if u know what i mean)

then we decided to move and go buy movie tickets for DH but all tickets sold out but CH din say anything and made us all stand there in front of GSC for another 5 min..

OK,,, the best part.. " the blind leading the blind"

for the first time today.. i thought CH knows where he is going.. we walk walk walk walk and walk.. then suddenly CH turns and ask " where we going??" ( wah lau .. i almost went on my knees leh)

REally keng!!! Then we decided to move on and on .. then we walk until in front of jusco where we got stuck for another 15minutes again because of ( look at conversation 2)..

OK.. we walk walk walk walk and walk.. then Cedric decide that we should just go "kioh kay" at kenny rogers then we follow Cedric walk and suddenly he turn and ask " how to go KENNY ROGERS??"( at that point of time i really feel like decapitating his head) but he too funny d..

Ok then we "kioh kay" at kenny rogers lo.. at first the waitress dont cai us 1 but when Cedric mumbled some MAGIC WORDSS we suddenly got attention..

ok.. LUnch was served and eat eat eat..

fact 1... we know that MInny " boo" until 4.30am and barely had any sleep

NExt thing we know .. we saw some strange happening behind our table( not forgetting.. Emily joined us) We saw really "chick-a-licious" ppl..

WE paid and move on and once again dunno where to go and we decided to go "POOL" at GP.. so we called everybody and straight away went to GP..

SWT>>>>>>> So we got there and met Dexter and start playing pool ..

FACT_- CEDRIC is very keng in "POOL-ing"
- MINNY is very SOLID( thats y she can "BOO" until 4.30am)
- Al is very "POOL-fesional"
- CHEF is very " chiu cheng"
- CH is very good "PRETENDER"

and i din see Benjipapa play cos....( read on)

ok la. "HEHE!!! HAHA!!! HUHU!!! LALA!!! BLA!! BLA!!! BLA!!!

GO here GO there Eat here and Play there... And finally I GO TO WORK( really dont feel like going)

That's my part of the story ... share urs??

Wednesday, July 4, 2007


Years past since the dinosaurs left..... ( millions of years ago) people were very grateful ever since then because stupid looking monsters would no longer chase after them wanting to eat them and always making them feel small an timid..

LAter..... men were also grateful for getting knowledge... men were grateful for being able to start fire..

----- alexander was grateful because his parents gave birth to him..

----- chinese emperors were grateful for they have women waiting for them

----- genghis khan was grateful to his horse until the day the horse killed him

----- newton was grateful for the apple falling on his head

The point is, when we dont have something and when we get it or when we discover it, we will be very grateful for the things that happen..( most of us do)

Things always happen for a reason..... is a phrase we often hear spoken by people who we think are wise and we would actually believe them and then... we stop to fight and we lose our flame.... flames fade away along with our spirit.....

As time passes, many things get more complicated and at the same time making life simple for the living beings on earth...

Men drove in petrol driven egines instead of bullock carts

speak on the phone instead of snail mailing( which takes ages)

Shouts in instead of having a meeting( hope SOMEONE IS LOOKIng)

uses ZIPPO to light cigarettes instead of using matches..

Because all these material things that approach us, we need *MR.M* and thus we work our asses out to fulfill our livesss... BUt as we GROW.. we discover that we NEED MORE..

HEnce, we slowly stop to APPRECIATE what we have and we start to hunt for more things in live to make more out of our lives without realising that we are actually losing more than we gain..

As we work to achieve our goals.. we obtain another goal along the way and the road gets tougher but we persevere and stress start to elevate..

With stress comes with DEPRESSION.. All of these just because we are not satisfied with what we have and we do not APPRECIATE what we have,,....

Because of the above case scenario..,,>>>>>>

elevating DEPRESSION + decreasing APPRECIATION



Because we are always too obsessed with our daily lives we often do not realise the DEPRECIATION of values in our community such as FILIAL PIETY and SYMPATHY..


Monday, July 2, 2007

Creme BRulee For SHouter...!!!!

Really cannot tahan those "TAM CHIAK" shouters d....

Heereee is a very simple recipe on creme brulee. go do it and EAT EAT EAT!!!!!!

Creme- 500ml
Egg yolk- 6 nos
Sugar( preferably castor)- 80-100g
Vanilla essence- 1 teaspoon

ok method very easy put everything together and mix till even( save the creme for last)
next.. put in creme
after that.. pour in cup or bowl(best if chinese rice bowl and porcelain 1)...
steam it for 10-20 minutes

voila.... siap