Thursday, December 27, 2007

Lessons LEarNt

Mistakes are commonly made daily by everyone in this life. Nobody at all in this lifetime that is free of mistakes.

All these will start to make sense only to optimism for when we learn to look at the bright side will we learn to appreciate the past and what has happen. The past often bears the most important times of our lives. That is why most human being always quote “ if I can just return……..” that is when we realise we did something wrong and we hope we had an opportunity to change what has been done.

However to learn from our mistakes is more important so lets move on to the first step in the lessons of learning from our mistakes.

1. In order to learn from the mistakes, we must first learn to identify( MAKE THE MISTAKES)
2. When we make the mistakes, we must then establish the order of how we made the mistake and the process along the way when you were making the mistake.
3. Next, identify factor/ cause of all these process that cause the mistake.

So far, we have actually gone thru the excruciating pain to just browse thru our mistakes and the effects/ damage that it has done but the human only learn from mistakes. Many people may scold you miserable words that cause you to fear the mistake that has been done. Most of the time we will get angry with the individuals but in fact we should be thankful to them for helping remind us of this mistake. So we move on to the next few step or should I say the last few steps….

4. After identifying the mistakes, we should form way/ methods to remind us of them and to make sure we do not repeat.
5. FINALLY and the most IMPORTANT step of all is to learn from the mistake that we have done.

How do we know that we have actually absorbed the lessons from our mistakes?

That is one thing that we will know not in the near future but as time goes by we will discover that actually our past mistake has benefit us because we do not repeat the same mistakes again and by knowing our mistakes, we can also constantly improve ourselves and break to greater heights.


Monday, December 10, 2007


Sitting in the office day after day makes minds run wild beyond control.. For once u thought u are in control of your life and u know what u wanna do and u are god damn sure u wanna do it. As you move along, you start to think about your future plan and how you wanna go by it.

Along the way as we move in our daily fantasies(day dreaming to be precise), we start to find ways to improve ad to try make the most out of the dream we had in order to benefit more people and not to harm others and the dream grows bigger and bigger and suddenly when you are just too bored in the office you turn out ti be more pesimistic than you ever thought you could be. You start to think about all the bad things that could happen when it hasn't even started...Thinking that knocking your big bulky head on the table would help get the thoughts out of your brains, you start banging your head on the table in the office and all your colleagues start to think that you are stupid or most probably out of your mind and so they leave you as you are just to save themselves from wasting THEIR PRECIOUS TIME...

But still, bad thoughts starts to get worst, now you actually start to tell yourself that nothing you dreamt of will ever work out in real life and you make yourself forget about all these crap that you thought about( these are the things that are actually motivating the workflow) so..... KABOOOOOOMMMM.... your work spirit goes down the drain and you give up your dream and tell ourself that you should not dream anymore because you are not qualified to dream and nothing will work out because you are just a normal person and you should work your ass out till the end of your life...

That is how bad the mindset can get when you brains has too much time on its self and your hands are too free... Ater all these, the voice will tell ...." YOU ARE NOW OFFICIALLY HOPELESS, YOU ARE NOT EVEN ABLE TO FIT IN THE SEWER, GO DUMP YOURSELF SOMEWHERE FAR, DONT GO INTO THE RIVER... DONT POLUTE THE ENVIROMENT, FIND SOMEPLACE THAT IS FIT FOR A PIECE OF TRASH LIKE YOU"

Down the drain goes your mentality and your determination... for all that you know you are just very very confused now and so you leave the office at 5.30 sharp with loads of confucian( I MEANT CONFUSION) running in your mind..

After your deluxe spa shower with your favourite bodywash(LUX BODY SPA/ SHOKUBUTSU/ DETTOL & etc....) you go for your dinner still sulking about your miserable life and glide your way out to dinner and drag your fat ass back to your miserable room..

Dinner always give new resolutions to live. As your eyes start to shut, just before you enter the world of lala and fantasies, new resolutions come to you and you make new plans for yourself and right at the very last minute before you lose conciousness you manage to find your spirit and soul and bring attach it back to your body again to get prepared for tomorrow but day after day the same thing goes by and still....


It comes to one final thing... just do it.. so i found the simple answer to all problems....

Monday, November 12, 2007

IGnorance is Bliss

Never have i thought i would be talking about this topic ever in my life i never thought it would be true.

However, things have gotten clearer to me these days where this phenomenon i would regard it happens more and more often.

Ignorance according to the "" is defined as a lack of knowledge. Ignorance is sometimes misinterpreted as a synonym of stupidity, and is as thus often taken as an insult.
In many cases ignorance is seen as a pleasant alternative to harsh reality.

Bliss however in the Oxford Dictionary is defined as
• noun 1 perfect happiness; great joy. 2 a state of spiritual blessedness.
• verb (bliss out or be blissed out) informal be in a state of perfect happiness, oblivious to everything else.
— ORIGIN Old English, related to BLITHE.

The combination of "ignorance is bliss" first emerged in Thomas Gray's poem, "Ode on a Distant Prospect of Eton College" (1742): "Where ignorance is bliss, 'tis folly to be wise."

And therefore the combination of this two words becoming a phrase actually tells us that to care at times only brings trouble to one's self but to ignore gives us freedom of thoughts and more space in our memory for we leave the worries far from us by ignoring.

Ignoring isn't totally bad, at times it gets us out of trouble. Imagine a person were to see two person fighting and stabbing each other.. The person actually has two choice

  1. walk to the scene of the dispute and with the kindest heart and soul and by uttering the kindest words try to settle the dispute while endangering thy self of getting stabbed to death accidentally.(you settle the dispute and u may live to tell tales about it and be grateful that thy is still alive/ you're dead having the thought that u tried ur best and karma just has its way to show its might)
  2. ignore and walk away from the scene and just forget the whole scenario and it may just save thy life.(you may have done bad but u still have ur life to save more)

well, its a choice to choose and its a choice of thoughts by every single person. so

TO BE OR NOT TO BE????????

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

from A Great Person TO the COmmunity

As usual, I saw your students moving around promoting food kept in polystyrene containers. I could not control my tears in my heart. The students are very innocent; without knowing much about the harm behind their smiles on their faces. Are we really educating? Do we truly love the people and especially our future generations? Or do we just want to hit and run in a life's time without caring what would happen to our future generations. I am writing all this with my heart squatting down. I hope you could understand my feeling, which actually gives me the strength to cycle to and from work over some 30 km per day.

Should the H&T be willing to opt for the best for the society, I am willing to buy up all the existing stock of polystyrene containers to be sent out for recycling. My pain is no less than the tears you had during the touching movies. Please give some thought and consideration over the matter before I proceed to the top management.

Thank you for everything.

The above message was sent to me thru email by one of my colleague from another department.

As we can observe, he is a great man.It has never crossed my mind a single bit that i could one day come across such a person which i think only comes around in novels and story books and fairy tales.

MAybe the HEAVEN ABOVE heard my call and sent such a person straight to me. but if we realise, this great man actually also has lots and lots of humour in him.

Please do observe those phrase's highlighted. If we do really understand, it is plucked from chinese proverbs or should i call it synonyms.It really struck me and at the same time made me laugh while deep down inside i actually understand the importance of caring for the enviroment. And therefore i feel the urge to share this with everyone.

Sunday, October 28, 2007


In life we are educated on how to be good and how to strive and most important is we are educated on how to make MONEY.!!!!!!!

It comes to a point where we are actually not taught on how to make decisions. Everytime we ask our parents on how to make decisions, the answers we get are actually the decisions itself and we do not learn how to make them but we just follow them and the next time we want to make a decision we shall only follow the guidelines or the examples on what we have been thru or have done rather than know the actual position or steps of making a decision.

It has actually come to a point in my life now that i have to make a very hard decision( TO ME)
When we graduate, we can actually see prospects in front of us but we do not go for it or rather should i say, we dare not grab the opportunity for we do not understand and we do not know how.

As we grow in the community, it is instilled in us already that we should be careful on what we do and that brings us to the problem that before we do anything, we must think and think and think. Its the thinking part that causes the opportunities to sink and when we are ready, the opportunity has already cease.

So i have actually come up with few simple guidelines on decision making in LIFE!!!!

  1. Consider your desire.
  2. Consider your assets.(qualification/ look in the mirror)
  3. Consider your ability.( a pig will always be a pig and a monkey will always be a monkey)
  4. Consider your responsibilities.( parents, friends/things that are partially important)
  5. Consider the prospect of your doings.
  6. Consider the effects os your decision.(will it cause death and poverty)
  7. If all the above is taken into consideration and it still looks positive then just GO FOR IT!



Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Buat pertama kali setalah sekian lama ku membuka akaun baru di blogspot ini, tak pernah ku cuba menulis dalam bahasa melayu lagi.. Sebagai masyarakat yang memang muhibbah sekali di negara ku yang yang terletak di tengah tengah garisan equator muka bumi sepatutnya ku memang berterima kasih kepada segala yang ku perolehi.

Hari ini merupakan hari yang memang bosan sekali, dan disebabkan kebosanan yang tidak terhingga ini maka muncullah karya terbaru saya ini untuk mengubati kebosanan ku sepanjang hari ini.

Perkongsian kebosanan sebenarnya merupakan sejenis penyakit yang berjangkit dengan cepat. Perumpamaannya, sekiranya kita beradqa di dalam sebuah bilik darjah dan seorang guru sedang bercakap dan pada masa yang sama kawan sebelah kita sedang menguap. KIta juga akan turut meguap sekali dan di sinilah, kebosanan bermula dan sememangnya berjangkit dengan hanya melihat sahaja..

Penyakit yang memang menggerunkan, yang sebenarnya ku sedang menguap dengan hanya menulis perkataan menguap ini.

Sesudahnya dengan kebosanan, biar saya berkongsi cara saya menghilangkan kebosanan yang sememangya berkesan dengan serta merta.

  1. mula kan dengan meninggalkan tempat duduk anda.
  2. hulurkan tangan anda kedalam poket.
  3. cuba cari duit 10 ringgit
  4. pergi ke kedai runcit yang terdekat
  5. beli sebotol air berkarbonat
  6. balik ke tempat duduk yang sepatutnya dan nikmatilah kesegaran air berkarbonat yang sememangya mencergaskan minda anda untuk sebab yang paling bagus iaitu untuk............. TIDUR..

Tidur petang adalah ubat yang memang mujarab sekali untuk mengubati kebosanan..

Bertuah ku hari ini kerana dapat berkongsi kebosanan ku dengan kalian di seluruh blogspot ini

Friday, September 28, 2007

Hari Raya Special 2

Well.. after a few days i thought that we should come out with something new for our taste buds

THe special of the day would be ayam masak merah with nasi tomato

This dish is quite famous not only among the malay population

but it is also favoured by most Malaysians..

i have come across this recipe that is simple and easy to prepare


INgredients for gravy

chicken (1 whole chicken into 10 pieces cut)
lemongrass 2 sticks
Onions 400grams
Garlic 50g
Star anise 2 nos
Cinnamon 2 sticks
Clove 5-6 nos
Cardammon 2 nos
Tomatopaste 300grams
Chilly boh 400grams
CHilly sauce 200grams
Tomato sauce 100grams
evaporated milk 1/2 can

Pre fried the chicken pieces and leave aside

  1. Blend the lemongrass, onion and garlic into paste.
  2. saute the paste together with the star anise, cinnamon, clove and cardommon until fragrant.
  3. add in the chilly boh and tomato paste and cook until a layer of oil appears on the top.
  4. next, add in the tomato and chilly sauce and stir until well mixed.
  5. Finally, add in the evaporated milk and season with sugar and salt up to taste.
  6. add in the chicken( add in the pre-fried chicken) and cook for at least 15 minutes by leaving to simmer.

Tomato rice


Rice 500grams
tomato paste 300grams
tomato sauce 100grams
pandan leaf 1 nos
sugar 150grams
salt to taste
cinnamon stick 1 stick
water enough to cover rice
butter 50grams

  1. wash the rice
  2. saute the tomato paste and tomato sauce together with rice and add in the cinnamon.
  3. put rice into rice cooker together with the rest of the ingredients with the water the same proportion as the rice.
  4. leave to cook... while waiting for the rice to cook remember to make a cool glass of lemonade to relax...


Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Hari Raya Special 1

For the sake of hari raya and we are a harmonious community here in Malaysia,
i shall put up a few recipes for raya and and for buka puasa.

We shall start with a rather simple buka puasa dish,


Ingredients for the rice

Rice 400grams
Coconut milk 200g
Onion 4nos or 100g
garlic 30g
Lemongrass 1 stick

  1. Wash the rice thouroughly.
  2. Add in coconut milk into rice and fill up with water and make sure liquid is enough to cover the rice.(approximately 200ml coconut milk + 150-200ml water)
  3. Slightly pound the garlic onionand lemongrass and add into rice and cook.

Ingredients for sambal tumis ikan bilis

Lemongrass 3 talks
Shallot 100g
Onion 100g
Garlic 30g
Ginger 10g
Tamarind paste 50g (dilute in 200ml of water)
Cooking oil 100g
Cili boh(chilly paste) 300g
Water 500ml
  1. First, blend lemongrass, onions, ginger, shallot and garlic together until totally crushed.
  2. Heat up the oil in a wok and turn to low fire when wok is heated.
  3. Pour in the blended items and tumis until fragrant
  4. Add in cili boh and continue to tumis until a layer of oil is seen above the chilly mixture.
  5. Then, add in the water diluted from the tamarind paste .
  6. Lastly add in water and bring to boil and

To explain in brief, the sambal tumis goes well with almost any fried item(e.g. fried chicken, fried fish, fried anchovies and fried egg)

As a matter of preference, some may want to boil some kangkung to go with the nasi lemak


Monday, August 27, 2007

MYsterious "MR.E"

To think of it, i have this story kept inside me for a while now.. it is really unbearable and i have decided to share it with as many people as possible for it will carve a laughter on your faces for sure.. or at least to MOST!!!!!

This is a real story that happened to me many many years back now... But the thing is i remember it like it only happened yesterday and the worst thing is that it haunts me till this very day..

I still remember the very date this event happened.. it involves me myself and another character whom shall only be named.."Mr.E"..

This all started with a outing with my school mates during christmas. Me and my school mates went for dinner at a restaurant somewhere in Bayan Lepas. We were having the time of our lives chatting while having a sumptious meal. To recall this, i just moved from Penang to butterworth for a bout a month.. i had some problems back then, One of it involves transportation.

Fortunately, on this very faithful night everything seems to be perfect for my friend offered me a ride home for he too lived in Butterworth and i was so joyous and it is a real UNFORGETABLE occasion.

The real story starts with the journey home, The dinner ended at approximately 11 pm. Journey home was fast but it was already late so my friend decided that i could sleep at his house for the night and that he promised to send me home the very first thing in the morning. So what else could i say for it was really getting late and he is really tired or more accurately..EXHAUSTED....

Without wasting much time i took a shower and hopped into bed.. there was only one queensize bed left so i had to share his bed..( so i thought WTH.. what could happen between two decent man) hmmm.... without further adue, i dozed off after a long day..

It was really night a remember i told myself before falling asleep..( I SPOKE TOO SOON)
It was during the middle of the night that i suddenly realise a small motion/ movement on the bed.

The next thing i know was that i felt some motion on my skin surface of my hands.. i didnt bother much for i thought it was just a mere MOSQUITO and i just tried to get back to sleep.
It did not take long for the MOSQUITO to become even more powerful and vigourous this time.. (OMG... IS IT A GHOST??? CHRISTMAS GHOST???) I dare not even peek.. i was worried that it would bring me to the other realm and consume me..

Besides the motion i could hear some soft voice which is progressing with beautiful words...
SO i thought.. if this is a ghost then it must be a good one.. I GATHERED ALL MY FAITH AND STRENGTH AND OPENED THE BLANKET OFF MY FACE JUST TO FIND..........


(All the way i prayed to god "PLEASE LET ME OUT OF THIS TORMENT , I CANT BEAR THIS ANYMORE... WTH IS THIS FRIEND OF MINE DOING WITH MY HAND..) i was closing my face with the blanket while i was whispering those words..

At least god heard my prayers and let me fall back asleep but unfortunately, god did not hear my prayers that i wanna forget what happened after i wake up in the morning.... I remembered every single moment of that scary night with every detail running without any missplacement... It spooks me up to this very day... so i decided to share my valueble experience with all the readers..


Thursday, August 23, 2007

Mushroom CHicken

hmmm.. so long neva blog bout food liao.. let me see.. i'll give all of u something nice to consume..

Todays dish is Fried Chicken Chop With Mushroom Sauce

Recipe: INgredients

Chicken leg(whole) 1 piece

Salt and pepper 10grams each

Soya sauce 1 teaspoon

Egg 1 number

Tapioca flour 50grams

Button mushroom(sliced) 100grams

Creme 100ml

Yellow onions(sliced) 50grams

Chicken stock pow. 30grams

Spring onion 10-20g(for garnish only)

Broccoli 100grams

Directions for preparation of chicken

1. Whole chicken leg- washed and pounded

2. salt pepper and soya sauce for marination

3. coat with corn flour, egg and then corn flour before deep frying

Directions for preparation of sauce

1. Saute onion and mushroom with lilttle cooking oil or butter if preferable

2. Add in creme and leave to simmer and anjust flavour with salt pepper and chicken

stock powder before serving.

Directions for vege

1. Boil brocolli in hot water for at least 5 minutes and serve together with chicken
2. It is best served with white rice or even fried rice or even pasta is preferable

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Often we hear people talking using proverbs and one of the topic that is proved controversial when spoken is these two proverbs.


The usage of either one of these proverbs depends on the state of mind and also the conditions of the surrounding enviroment but sometimes it is not appropriate for the usage because it will draw off ur focus from the reality and cause "VAINISM" to come into the picture and thus creating a new perspective of mindset for a person to work on.

This is not usually bad as it can also create awareness to the flaws that we have and we are just using these proverbs to cover up for our indifference and to create self motivation in order not to give up in life and still have a point to fight for.

From a personal point of view, this both doesnt work without iniative to improve ones self and by only relying on the shadows of these proverbs the person is actually trying to hide from reality. No doubt looks are not as important as what is deep down inside but still the outer appearance play a major role in the first impression given to others.

Who would a person hang out with:::

1) Ah pek style clothing with sweaty singlet and shorts walking draggy type and wearing traditional chinese clogs..or
2) Smart intellectual with well combed hair and walks the walk.

I'm particularly refering to first impressions....

However, self confidence inside given power by "TRUE BEAUTY LIES WITHIN" often helps and individual to exit the real human perspective of the certain individual and create a driving force to excel and to prove to others that the inner beauty is most important to succeed.

Main point is, all proverbs are translated into different meanings depending on the mind set and the perspective of live the person has and not forgetting the enviroment of the usage..

Sunday, August 5, 2007

The Downward SLOPE

Everybody started out as kids and we move on without knowing what we would be in the future and not knowing what we will encounter and how will we face it when it comes...(WE ARE ALWAYS SEARCHING FOR GUIDEBOOKS THAT DOES NOT EXIST)

All along ever since the beginning of time, people has always been searching for a way out to make things easier for humans and guess what....

That was the beginning of technology.. every improvement made in real life to help humans to achieve greater heights are called technology.(TECHNOLOGY DO NOT ONLY REFER TO ELECTRONIC ITEMS....) There was once a time in the past when even a single piece of claypot or even a long walking stick was considered a very high end and u can just imagine people these days keep asking for more in a shorter time..

This is when we should recall that "THE GREATWALL OF CHINA WASNT BUILT IN A DAY" Patience as we call it,

However have u ever imagine every human progress too in our lives but our live will go very high up until a certain stage and then it will slowly slope down. For instance, when we are babies we progress from lying around to crawling and from crawling to walking and from walking to running...(well thats the best a man can do)

Yet again i remind us all of the phrase "TRY WALKING BEFORE U TRY TO RUN"

U guessed it right, its plucked directly from da hokkien phrase of "au boey oak kia buay oak lang chao"

Back to the main point...(it is really hard to get in track)

As we progress further and further we get our dream on what to do and what we want in life but as we grow older into our adolence *BOOOMMMMMM

The hill starts to fall apart and we are only left with grains of sand for us to start building our own hills and mountains but the results are different from one another and the hill or mountain will depend on how u look at it.

Most importantly, in life there are always ups and downs but the most important we should learn all the lessons taught along all these moment and bring it thru life and not let itbring u thru life for it will slowly burden the shoulder that carries it and that shoulder will one day break and the fall will definitely be severe.

Choices are however always available for any situation no matter what the situation is.. all that matters is the consequences....


Friday, July 27, 2007

OuT fOr LuNch!!!!

Well, lunch is a common subject that we all need to go thru as long as we live.. and i ahd my fair share of ups and downs and therefore to prevent others from receiving the same dissapointment i shall share my dining experience with everybody.(taste and requirement for food may differ for every individual)

This is one of the restaurants cum kopitiam(modern day kopitiam ler..means everything also more expensive one

Well, the first course usually will be the drinks. As for drinks, its very common for this is premixed solutions and just blended with ice without any special recipe's.

Then there is the main course as usual, there are many varieties of the western menu on da main course and this is just one of it. IT cos RM 8.90 and is called some mexican chic . My first impression to it was.. What is this???
THis is the work of a very unsatisfied person perhaps its like throwing everything on the plate in a rush. Please observe the piece of chicken sitting there. its such a small piece and the chicken is pre-scored before cooking but the cutting skills is quite bad causing the chicken to look bad itself. The vegetables is very unappealing. Overall including the taste i will only give 2 out of 5 stars.

Ok, this looks very much better, and appetising its called BIG BREAD.. Well, the bread is soft and quite dry to me but it is meant to be this way for u have to dip it in da curry. To my amazement the bread is massed produced bread and bought commercially and the taste is really very tasteless and not filling like i expect. to the curry..The curry is really of out of taste and very low consistency or water like. U may mistaken it for some soup. However, it cost RM4.50

NASI LEMAK AYAM.. SOunds nice, LooKs Nice... now nasi lemak is something very common in MALAYSIA but flavours may differ according to the cook who prepares it. This nasi lemak is dissapointing because of the chicken curry. The chicken curry hass the consistency of mineral water and just a slight hint oc chicken curry aroma. The piece of chicken wing however was quite soft and tender. The rice was really something to remeber for the taste and aroma is very well balanced. This plate of nasi lemak cost RM4.90.

Well, u may get the same thing with better quality out by the streets for a lower price and maybe of higher quality. However, this KOPITIAM provides for wifi users and that may be the ultimate reason why this KOPITIAM is ever establised and not for the food.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


IN life, evevrybody goes thru ups and downs..

Everybody including me, at one point of time will find ourselves very attached to something of somesort and that is our life line to live on and if we lose it then it is the end of our world..
Sad isn't it??

These are called feelings, feelings are things u feel and u cannot see, see and u cannot touch, touch and u will die..!!!

The reason for the above statement is... if it happens to u urself then u will feel it and u cannot see it. If it happens to ur frens then u will be acle to see it but u will not be able to touch and the final phrase says that if u insist on touching....BEWARE....PARANG COMING THRU!!!

As we like to say in my college class,,,..."ITS ALL PART OF GROWING UP" this phrase always make me think of my friends in high school and in college and those i meet..

Acquaintance and friends alike.. its always our fate that has brought us together and those times we shared shall always stay as memories whether sweet or bitter...we know " WE'VE GONE THRU IT TOGETHER"

However, all happy moments must always come to an end.. IN life we tend to call this a cycle of friends.. the old will recide and the new ones come in and the cycle goes on but still we sill find a place for all of our friends in our hearts.

This applies for not only friends but also to our pets and the most importantly FAMILY ...

As the cycle goes on, we tend to go off track and sometimes we end up in da junk because we cannot let go of that attached feeling that we have after bonding to something or someone that we know after sometime.


That is always the case for everyone alike.

In high school, i use to say that "LIFE IS MISERABLE/ LIFE IS BORING'

I always thought that college life or varsity life would be much more interesting than high school. BUt getting in to college proved me wrong, i thought hard to myself and i could only blame myself for not appreciating the times i had in high school.


I saw this phrase in my high school and i remember it till this day.. This is to say that i live my life based on principles of life and QUotations often created on my own.

Opportunities come and go as they please, if we do not grab the opportunity in front of us at that very moment then we will not know when it will approach again.

Thoughts are often what is left when we do not take the opportunities and we weep ourselves out when we let go of our single route to success.

Feelings are very treacherous things , it may be progressive or even depressing.

When troubles come for me, i only tell myself "IT IS ONLY WHEN WE FALL WILL WE LEARN AND REMEMBER"

After going thru 20 yrs of SWEET, BITTER, SOUR AND SALTINESS of life, i realised that life is actually a very big simulation game and we are the players and also the creator of the game that we are playing. We tend to cause our own disqualifications and success.

Gods teachings for all races are the handbook. THis applies to all religion.

The handbook provides us guidelines for how the game is played but the human nature lures us into our dark side and brings us to explore the world within our souls and unleashing the devil in us.

In conclusion, In life there are ups and downs, things comes in cycle's, they come and they go.,

This is the law of affect and effect or in short we call it karma.

Monday, July 23, 2007


sorry for not posting anything ... i have been busy these few days with work and my exams nearing

i will give a glimpse of my work in a day or two after i finish my final exams..

I AM GONNA GRADUATE....isnt that fun... i dont think so

okok.. time to go... i'm leaving for college now.. final paper...BAKERY

Thursday, July 19, 2007


Well.. the night started out normally as i came back from work and straight into my room and sits in front of my little laptop. I was so obsessed SHOUTING but i took a break for my bath..

To my surprise when i came back to the screen, the topic was WENDY ...

All shouters have a KIND AND CARING HEART.. They were all worried bout WENDY's safety some of them even msg her and she still jokes bout doggies accompanying her....( hhahahaha... very funny)

Suddenly as i touched the keyboard and send out some shouts... TAAAADAAAA*all pointing to me...

Out of the dark, AL, ANGELINE & CHEE HSIEN asked me to go look for her at the beach..
so i msg WENDY again to ask if she's ok but all of a sudden she did not reply any msg from me and Chee Hsien.. WORRIED was the only word in my mind during that time and stupid thoughts starts to run thru my mind.

Out of my room!!!! Out of da house!!!! Down 22floors in da elevator!!!!! OHHH SHIIIITTT!!
(forgot wallet) Up 22 floors!!!! In da HSe!!! In da room!!! Grab Wallet!!! Down 22 floors!!!
Straight to my bike.... and VRoooooooooommmmmm.........

Decision was hard....


So.... i decided...TURN LEFT.... across the dark cemetery( if i forgot to tell u ppl... i live behind PCGHS) All the way i was praying but not to keep the ghost away .... i was praying hard that WENDY is doing well....*hopes she's not stressed out..

Faster and faster i went and i terus CUCUK MASUK the lane beside Crown Jewel and Straight on the beach....

As mummy and daddy taught me....,,,,,,, LOOK LEFT LOOK RIGHT LOOK LEFT AGAIN..
Well sad to say its not working this time...(pls remember its already 1 am)

All i could see was darkness and shadows making out along the beach* nasty taught came in my mind( is WENDY MAKING OUT) hahaha..

SHooOOoo....Out the thought went..... i walked from one end of the beach to the other and i called WENDY'S HP SEVERAL TIMES... All i could hear was this...>>

operator: this is the voicemail box for....( i tutup d... wanna wait for what)

I even searched over the rocks cos i worried she does something stupid out of depression.( u will never know what a depressed person may do)

Out of desperation, i called Chee Hsien... all he could told me was..."WENDY DIN REPLY MY MSG'S"

So, i terus tutup talipon and search again when suddenly * phone beeps... incoming msg..

Guesssss who???? Its no other than WENDY...

she wrote this:

Swt i went home di la

In rage .......

i wanted to strangle her immediately... but.. deep inside my heart, i was GOD DAMN F***ING RELIEVED THAT SHE IS AT HOME SAFELY...

That was the point of the journey thr anyway... so i rode back home across the cemetery again and straight away to my laptop... guess what this time????



but still i was really glad WENDY is safe..

Today on the 20th of July , the most incredible moment of rescue..

And for the above reason i shall remember this very date for eternity..


Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Viewers and Bloggers alike

Well, WOrds Words WOrds....

Haha!!! U are thinking that this about the song that beegees sang decades ago right???


WORDS are the most powerful thing used by mankind.. It can be used even to hurt or heal...
imagine the power it posseses...

Many things wouldnt be around if it isnt for WORDS.. Gods ways are Spread using WORDS and his teachings written all in WORDS so all mankind can read...( it applies to all religion)

Imagine a world without WORDS... HOw can we communicate to each other..??

BUt however, WORDS can also bring destruction... Ever heard of the word SPECULATION... this SPECULATION also needs words to back it up...

There wouldn't any progress in the world if there was no WORDS... Can anyone imagine a world without communication????

However.. just imagine.. 1 single WORD can bring lots of meaning.. SO... imagine a few of them stringed together... it will even bring the world down..

WEll... to hit the spot... many bloggers and viewers alike do not actually read those stupid long long blogs that is full of information or a story written in desperation... The phrase"a picture speaks a thousand words" has actually kicked in overthrowing "a pen is sharper than a spear"

Almost everybody is the same.. believe it or not, u can try writing thousands and thousands of words but still u will be the only one knowing what in the world u are writing about.. This is one of the main reasons why we only see very scarce groups of story writers... WHERE IS THE APPRECIATION TO ALL THEIR WORK??????/

Blogs which have many many pictures are labelled as good blogs and less pictures are gone case..

Lets see... even if i scold someone here nobody will even realise...KNNCCB

ok to prove my words..... ALL SHOUTERS ARE HEARTLESS

nobody will know... hahahaha i am just writing all these crap to satisfy myself and to prove tomyself that my theory is right....

What has HAPPENED to MR>APPRECIATION... Isnt anybody seeing him anymore???

After much thought , i did say some things that hurt others...( i MIS-USED WORDS)...

WORDS often slip out of me without me knowing and hurting others before i could hold it back...

I never meant to hurt anyone with any WORD or WORDS i say... i didnt mean to BELITTLE anyone.. AT times i just say something for the sake of saying it( if u know what i mean)
I feel really bad when i hurt someone unintentionally...

And well straight to the point!!!!! I have hurt many ppl with my Words.. All i have to say for myself for now is..


Wednesday, July 11, 2007

TOm YAm GOOng!!!!!

well, spicyness is part of daily lives here in THE PEARL OF THE ORIENT

Recipe of the day is "TOM YAM GOONG"


So TOm YAm GOONg means , " SPIcy Soup WIf Prawns"

The ingredients u will need are
( because most ppl reading this is lazy so i give the instant recipe... haha)

lemongrass( hentam.. just hit not crush) 1 stalk
lime leaf (koyak) 2-3 leafs
onion (quart it) 2 numbers
tomatoes (quart) 1 numbers
cilipadi ( choose small small 1,hentam) 5-6 sticks
young corn ( cut half) 3-4 numbers
button mushroom (quart) 5 numbers
lime juice 2 tablespoon
water 500ml
evaporated milk 2tablespoon

1. Boil lemongrass, limeleaf, onions, tomatoes, cilipadi until onion losses colour and mixture gives out fragrance.
2. Add in young corn and button mushroom and bring to boil.
3. Next, add in lime juice and adjust taste with salt and sugar based on personal preference.
4. finally top it with evaporated milk before serving...
5. Voila,!!!!! eat!!!

Sunday, July 8, 2007

CarBOnaRa alA VIngIE

BEcause to day my mood very good and i dowan Criz and Vingie confuse between marinara and carbonara..

"WO SI SEN CHI CI" to write this recipe

Spaghetti Carbonara

garlic (sliced) 5 cloves( 5 ulas)
thyme 1 teaspoon
yellow onion ( sliced) 50gram
bacon (sliced) 50gram
olive oil 2 tablespoon
creme 300ml
butter 1 tablespoon
parmesan cheese 20gram

Spaghetti 150grams

1. boil da spaghetti in combination of water and a little bit of salt and oil. and set aside.
2.heat up the pan and put in the olive oil before adding in the butter.
3.tumis the garlic until light coloured before putting in the thyme, onion and bacon.
4.tumis everything a until flavourful
5.add in creme and slow down fire and let to simmer until thicken a little. add in the cheese and the spaghetti and kacau kacau before pour on plate.
7. if u like u can pour a little bit white wine on top( i tablespoon is more than enuf)
8. put fresh parsley in middle so look nicer..( hahaha.. depends on personal preference)
9. sprinkle some balck or white pepper on top for final touch and taste..
10.. adjust with salt for better taste

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Farewell SHOUTER.. oR Is iT??

We'll days back .. i overheard CHee Hsien and Benjipapa talking bout a farewell for our fellow bloggers.. Christina yy and KP...( i bet these 2 dont even know about the event) Well, it sounds fun with all the ppl there and stuff we are gonna do. THe initial plan was to go to Queens BAy mall for lunch at 12pm and continue on at Gurney Plaza..

WOW!!! Great plan i thought to myself.. So.. out of the dark, i decided to tag along and join in the ShoutOut family gathering to send off out comrades..

Finally,,,..... The day came and all i can think of is " how these ppl look like huh??"

Its because i neva see them before..

So... UNUSUALLY, on the 7th of JUly 2007... I made myself wake up at 10.30... I sprang out of bed and straight to the shower and rushed into some of my rags and straight to my trusty bike( new 1 k)...

On the bike i went and the watch shows 11.30 am.. but i told myself " what the heck!!! New BIke must buy 4D" and so i went straight to MAGNUM and DA MA CAI" ... Now my watch shows 11.40am..( if u do not know... i'm still at tjg.. tokong)..

I told myself again "SHout out ppl very forgiving 1, they will forgive a little lateness 1" .. Then i hurriedly rush to QBM.... When i reach QBM... to my dismay.. all full d... bike also cannot go in.. and had to take de tour and turn thru pantai jerjak area....

OK.. skip the parking and stuff... So i headed straight to the Coffee BEan to look for some familiar faces waiting stupidly.. ( i forgot to tell... i got there at 12.15 pm) well. i did see some "LALA MUI" sitting there.. i dunno t is it a shouter or not.. so i decided to go take a walk first.. TO AND FRO AND INTO THE BOOKSTORE AND OUT AND TO COFFEE BEAN..
and still no one familiar... but..

I saw a whole group of ppl like 15 ppl.. i told myself " SHOUT OUT so many supportive ppl 1 woh" but i dare not approach.. so i call 1st..( i call MINNY)


ME: minny.. u know who i am???
MINNY: dunno wor!! Who are u??
ME: KHUEN!!! Where are u??
MINNY: ah?? ah?? ah?? Chef izzit.. ohh. i at parking( thought to myself" huh.. 12.45pm d")
ME: okok. wait at coffee bean..

So i faster walk to coffee bean.. i oni can see CH standing there.. so i waited like BEDEGUNG with him until like 1pm then oni Cedric, MInny and Benji showed up...


ME : CH whats the plan..
CH. dunno wor.. go fin some where eat lo..
ME : ok lets go..
( the discussion went on like this for 15minutes if u know what i mean)

then we decided to move and go buy movie tickets for DH but all tickets sold out but CH din say anything and made us all stand there in front of GSC for another 5 min..

OK,,, the best part.. " the blind leading the blind"

for the first time today.. i thought CH knows where he is going.. we walk walk walk walk and walk.. then suddenly CH turns and ask " where we going??" ( wah lau .. i almost went on my knees leh)

REally keng!!! Then we decided to move on and on .. then we walk until in front of jusco where we got stuck for another 15minutes again because of ( look at conversation 2)..

OK.. we walk walk walk walk and walk.. then Cedric decide that we should just go "kioh kay" at kenny rogers then we follow Cedric walk and suddenly he turn and ask " how to go KENNY ROGERS??"( at that point of time i really feel like decapitating his head) but he too funny d..

Ok then we "kioh kay" at kenny rogers lo.. at first the waitress dont cai us 1 but when Cedric mumbled some MAGIC WORDSS we suddenly got attention..

ok.. LUnch was served and eat eat eat..

fact 1... we know that MInny " boo" until 4.30am and barely had any sleep

NExt thing we know .. we saw some strange happening behind our table( not forgetting.. Emily joined us) We saw really "chick-a-licious" ppl..

WE paid and move on and once again dunno where to go and we decided to go "POOL" at GP.. so we called everybody and straight away went to GP..

SWT>>>>>>> So we got there and met Dexter and start playing pool ..

FACT_- CEDRIC is very keng in "POOL-ing"
- MINNY is very SOLID( thats y she can "BOO" until 4.30am)
- Al is very "POOL-fesional"
- CHEF is very " chiu cheng"
- CH is very good "PRETENDER"

and i din see Benjipapa play cos....( read on)

ok la. "HEHE!!! HAHA!!! HUHU!!! LALA!!! BLA!! BLA!!! BLA!!!

GO here GO there Eat here and Play there... And finally I GO TO WORK( really dont feel like going)

That's my part of the story ... share urs??

Wednesday, July 4, 2007


Years past since the dinosaurs left..... ( millions of years ago) people were very grateful ever since then because stupid looking monsters would no longer chase after them wanting to eat them and always making them feel small an timid..

LAter..... men were also grateful for getting knowledge... men were grateful for being able to start fire..

----- alexander was grateful because his parents gave birth to him..

----- chinese emperors were grateful for they have women waiting for them

----- genghis khan was grateful to his horse until the day the horse killed him

----- newton was grateful for the apple falling on his head

The point is, when we dont have something and when we get it or when we discover it, we will be very grateful for the things that happen..( most of us do)

Things always happen for a reason..... is a phrase we often hear spoken by people who we think are wise and we would actually believe them and then... we stop to fight and we lose our flame.... flames fade away along with our spirit.....

As time passes, many things get more complicated and at the same time making life simple for the living beings on earth...

Men drove in petrol driven egines instead of bullock carts

speak on the phone instead of snail mailing( which takes ages)

Shouts in instead of having a meeting( hope SOMEONE IS LOOKIng)

uses ZIPPO to light cigarettes instead of using matches..

Because all these material things that approach us, we need *MR.M* and thus we work our asses out to fulfill our livesss... BUt as we GROW.. we discover that we NEED MORE..

HEnce, we slowly stop to APPRECIATE what we have and we start to hunt for more things in live to make more out of our lives without realising that we are actually losing more than we gain..

As we work to achieve our goals.. we obtain another goal along the way and the road gets tougher but we persevere and stress start to elevate..

With stress comes with DEPRESSION.. All of these just because we are not satisfied with what we have and we do not APPRECIATE what we have,,....

Because of the above case scenario..,,>>>>>>

elevating DEPRESSION + decreasing APPRECIATION



Because we are always too obsessed with our daily lives we often do not realise the DEPRECIATION of values in our community such as FILIAL PIETY and SYMPATHY..


Monday, July 2, 2007

Creme BRulee For SHouter...!!!!

Really cannot tahan those "TAM CHIAK" shouters d....

Heereee is a very simple recipe on creme brulee. go do it and EAT EAT EAT!!!!!!

Creme- 500ml
Egg yolk- 6 nos
Sugar( preferably castor)- 80-100g
Vanilla essence- 1 teaspoon

ok method very easy put everything together and mix till even( save the creme for last)
next.. put in creme
after that.. pour in cup or bowl(best if chinese rice bowl and porcelain 1)...
steam it for 10-20 minutes

voila.... siap

Saturday, June 30, 2007

LoOks Are DecEiVinG??????

i had an inspiration to write this after i talked to my fren about a certain issue and voila why not dedicate this to her..

All of us started out as babies with very innocent thoughts runiing thru out minds telling us that the world is pure and the world is a very honest place.. That is one of the reasons being a child is always better because we tend to believe most of the things adults tell us.. From there most adults try to tell us to study hard and be honest and they try to nurture us with their vision of what they want us to be... For instance " kuai kuai tark chek co loh kun".( study hard become doc)

So because of the few words they instilled in us makes us think that being a doc or maybe a lawyer is the best things that happen on us..( tell me if ur mum and dad nvr mention this 2 proffession b4) And because of that we try to achive greater heights in our studies and everytime we dont do well in our exams, our parents will question us" like that also cannot then how wanna be doctor..


At a point of time we will ask ourselves this very question but still we work our hearts out to do what our parents want us to..

From primary 1 to primary 6 and from form 1 to form 6 and until we take diploma, degree, masters...

When we cannot achieve being something high we will always feel bad about ourselves for we did not fulfill our parents wishes. BUt.. have u ever thought about your passion...

What lies beneath ur heart??

What u really want in life??

What is your way of life???

THis dilemma always hit us at one point of life making us go out of course..

So... to all my friends.. dont worry too much about what parents say when u are young.. They just want us to study hard and make it.... Nobody want their children to flop in life..

Different parents have different way of showing that they care and they actually love all their children....

All that matters when u grow up is u just be someone useful and u will see the smile carved on ur parents face forever in our mind playing around....

Just do our best in whatever we are doing as long as it benefits our life's then it will be just fine..

THis Is DeDicated TO
A FRiEnd Of mIne
MS. Janice Neoh Chia-Wee

( The future is what lies ahead, not the past)

Friday, June 29, 2007


i'm gonna dedicate this to my fren but i'm still thinking what to write..
pls be patient

A Living Dream

DREAM: often what we see as the best moments in life...
Its actually better than living life itself.
This very special dream i had actually affected my life and left its shattered bits running thru my veins pricking me as my blood pumps around my body.
It is on the 4th of December 2003 that i decided to commit myself to a dream that seems so interesting and a start of a new chapter in life.. things were getting better as in my dreams there appeared before me a very special maiden clad in the form of a human. Never have i thought this special maiden would actually change my life for eternity.
As time went on, the maiden got closer to me spiritually and shared almost everypart of our lives together. its like "sakit di paha kiri terasa di paha kanan juga".. As time went on our bond grew stronger than i have ever imagined up to a state where this maiden waited for me for a few months when i was sent away by god to another chapter in my dreams.
After 873 days lost in my own dreams, i finally awaken just to find the maiden gone and it makes me feels so confused about whether its a dream or is it the life i led... Somehow i hoped at one time and prayed hard calling for a saviour into my life not to take the maiden away but its already too late i coulnt find her anymore..... MAybe she's lighting up someone else's life ....
The moment i woke up is the moment i knew everything would change in my life and its a rising of a new horizon and reaching out for different heights searching ....... in the wide forest and looking forward to things i have never thought of achieving all these while....
All i can say is : Thanks For Changing My Life

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

TruTh OR conFusion

Speculation has become part of our lives these days...

Out in the road u hear ppl saying that is the best and this is good and this is better than that and so on and so forth...

For example, in Penang.. many already have it installed in their minds that LORONG SELAMAT CHAR KUIH TEOW is the best in PENANG....

THe ugly truth is the the plate of common char kuih teow sold by an arrogant old auntie will cost u an extra 5 ringgit compared to other places just because it has a few big prawns hidden underneath..

Confusion comes in when we go there to have the char kuih teow and we find many many char kuih teow stalls, which is which and who is the original.... no one knows but ( trust me, look for the most arrogant looking one) confusion also comes in when we taste the char kuih teow.. its just as common as ever... RM 8 wasted!!!!!!

Western food, who is the best??? same case...... The public speculate that this is the best or that is the best and we trust them... but we always get dissapointed when we try it out for ourselves....

The main human weakness is that what we believe and think is often misleading us in making decisions.. If many of our friends say the wan tone mee is nice then 90% possibility we will say the same althought the fact is that it is just very common..

Funny isnt it... HUman Error Or ERROR HUMAN????

Thursday, June 21, 2007


THe people we go out with often differs from time to time.. But how do we actually differentiate true friends..

What we always tell ourselves is that THEY are friends no matter male or female, good or bad. But the real truth is most of these FRIENDS are very opportunistic and unforgiving.

Many things happen along the way as we grow up, sad and happy at an equal state but do look out.. Try reminisce what we have been thru.

When we are happy, we will find friends out there laughing along with us and laughing their hearts out.. But when our sky falls down on us , how many of THOSE FRIENDS actually care enough to ask??????

That's always the case, most of the people we know out there would'nt be actually considered as friends but more of acquantaince.

Acquantaince are those people we get to know at 1 point of time at a certain place and we hang out with them but as life goes on they will slowly fade in our memories or we will slowly fade in theirs.

Most of these people couldn't care less about our welfare. But the lord has make some of us in a way that we do not mind making sacrifices for others whether they are pure aquaintaince or true friends. at the end of the day what we look for is the smile on their faces and that will bring more joy to us than anything else in the world.

However, we often hurt our friends without knowing and we thought they would understand but a simple sorry could actually make things better. Deep down inside, we actuallyy want to say sorry but our ego stops us from doing so. At the end of the day our friends will move on to think that we do not care about their feelings and we are just treating them as trash.

To think of it, from me personnaly.... I AM SORRY to all my friends out there if i ever wronged u. Ego is a thing very hard to control and that is why it has been controlling me for such a long time now but i doubt it will ever leave.


Thursday, June 14, 2007

MOdern dAy PRoVerB

Confusion seems to be the trend for the upcoming generation of teenagers as we are influenced by the technology that blooms like mushrooms after the rain.

However this has brought up the thought to many that u can change urself to be something else. In comes the part where plastic surgery plays a big role. Everyone seems to look forward in inserting an alien piece of rubbery object at places where it will effect the most.
JUst be Like all these monkeys who
just live their lives one day at a time!!!

But, are u sure it will change u..???? From this, i got a very out of the world proverb..


When a pig implants a silicon at her marmary glans whe will still only be a pig with implanted rubber. It will not alter a pig and change it into a monkey or alter a monkey and change it into a pig. The true nature still lies beneath that fake mask implanted by an entity called in by the pig and the monkey.

Therefore it is how we act that reveals our nature and not how we look. even if we were to dress in our best tuxedo but suddenly we belch loudly then the integrity is lost. the tuxedo has been over written.

Stop dreaming and wake up. Be who u are and strive being it and not trying to strive by impersonating some person who you worship when he/she doesnt even know u exist.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Of Buoys and Buoyancy

Modern parents are giving their children a lot of mental stress without realising it... Most of the parents out there are both working parents and dont have enough time for their children.

The misconception they have is that by giving material things, their children will be contented with life..

Deep down inside the soul of a child the caring loving imej of the oarent is slowly fading away.. Bit by bit, the child is adrift.... Floating in his own world lost and alone but nobody knows about this for the childs expression shows the picture of a million happiness to his/her parents..

As they grow, they slowly get to know people( buoys) and their principles in life guiding them will tell them that friends are better than parents.. Slowly, the child will be somewhere out in a space of nothingness in subconcious high on drugs and so on and so forth..

But for some, when 2 of the same kind meet they suddenly feel that they have found the similiar friend that share the same life and they jump into a certain commitment to stay with each other and go thru life...( FOR AT A MOMENT IN LIFE THE WORLD SEEMS SMALL)

Some will regard these time together as the peak of their lives but... The truth is they havent seen the real world... BUt the nature is unstoppable, it may be kind and forgiving or very destructive... At a point of time, all good things will come to an end for everybody grows up and suddenly our minds broaden and questions raised in out subconcious mind without us knowing.....






Do i NeEd A ComPaNion???

and the ultimate question u may ask is.......



When all these things pop up.., then , the child is turning into a man... that is the most critical part.( many describe midlife crisis to be bad, but does anybody out there thought of the process of a child turning into a man)

From life without worries is slowly moving away, suddenly a faint cry is heard

INCOMING............. !!!!!!!!!!!

Is ThERE EVeN ToMOrROW??????
Different people from different walks of life live in this world as a whole but who is right?? and who is wrong???. who is hurt?? and who is not??
The truth is, we sail our own ship and no one can capsize it unless we sail it into a stormy area or we bump into ANOTHER!!!!!!

Lesson's of "KUIH KAU"

Kuih kau is a fish people often look for when they head down to the best seafood restaurant in town. but how much do we know about this fish...

I think i forgot.. KUIH KAU is actually refering to grouper in the chinese dialect....

funny to say but often u see people boasting to other about the "KUIH KAU'S" they had for dinner and so on and so forth.. e.g...

Waiter: hallo... lai cheh.... ai chiak ha mik???( hallo. come sit..what would u like to have ?)

Guest: loo oo ... Kuih Kau bo??( u got... grouper??)

Waiter: tien tiok oo!! loo ai juak tua chiak??( sure!! what size do u want??)

Guest: wa ai tua tua chiak eh.. kah ho chiak !!!(i want big big 1.. taste better!!!)

To think of it, how many of us really know the truth... The last sentence in the conversation is the sad truth we often find when we visit restaurants..( cocky customers)

People only wanna show off to other by ordering the biggest grouper in the restaurant as it costs RM 45 or more for a kg.

The fact is, groupers are best at the range of 400gm to 600gm.. ( big doesnt mean good u know) The fish we usually get at restaurants are commercialised breeds and they have a certain odour to their meat compared to their close relatives swimming out of the floating nets..( wild is better than tame" law of nature")

Sometimes people even consume the wrong species and still boast about it( also called pirated edition"joking nee"). groupers are only a name like our surname.. there are many other types of groupers some are edible and some are not... some can even make u cry with a single touch( touch of an angel la) ..

Thats all for groupers, other lessons coming some other days... u can ask more but i will charge..HAHAH!!!!!

Thursday, June 7, 2007

About me

My first blog here...
and to "kui mua" (opening ceremony)
i am going to introduce my self

Let me tell u why...
i am so sick of those people wearing those expensive chef jackets and sitting in offices walking around the kitchen and smiling to guests.

I choose to be ancient chinese cuisinier
In penang if u go out walking the streets clad in giorgio armani shirt and slacks... the community might mistaken u for 2 things

1.. SALESMAN ( already programmed from young)

2.. CRAZYMAN ( wah lau eh!!! so hot also can wear like that sure
is crazy 1)

SO, the main point is.. i go out usually only clad in shorts and a simple t-shirt strolling around town in my trustworthy bike . Looking for a dirty stall by the roadside so quench my thirst for good food.

In penang, the best food stalls are OFTEN found to be one of the dirtiest( ugly but true). Well almost everybody grow up by the phrase of " la sahm chiak la sahm tuah"( means we grow according to what we eat and also grow strong in hokkien)

Thats all i have to share about myself for now..