Saturday, June 6, 2009

Yau Char Kwai aka Cruller

Yau char kwai is literally translated into deep fry ghost. There is a very long story into the origins of this food but I will leave it till the next time before I introduce the history and for now ….

Introducing the longest YCK I’ve ever had so far in my life. Below are the attached photos of the cruller and each picture will speak for itself. The cruller stall is located in Paya Terubong situated opposite Pantai Timur Coffee shop.

The cruller produced in this stall at the first glance will be the same as all the other cruller stalls but on second look you will find heavy machinery that are commonly used in big hotels and restaurants. Upon seeing those heavy equipment most must be wondering why does a YCK stall need such heavy equipment but soon enough you will see for yourself.

In the process of the making, often the dough is left to rest for approximately a day covered with a dampen cloth and later to be flatten out and deep fried. The most amazing part of the entire process will be during the deep frying of the YCK for during that time, the YCK can be seen expanding into unbelievable size and the usual will expand 5-6 time the original length but today the YCK and grown to an astonishing 14 inches and that is what makes the YCK so special.

This stall is famous for its long YCK served in many varieties as seen in the pictures attached. Each set shall cost in the range between RM1.00 to Rm3.50 for each set consisting of a whole YCK with or without its filling. However, some filling may be to the liking of the Asian tongue but to some it may seem strange to their taste buds. Some of these variants sold with the filling are just over powering and heavy but there are also a few combination s that is nevertheless amazing and intriguing to our minds.

Nevertheless, it will be really nice to eat YCK hot and just fried alongside several side dishes or fillings and not forgetting as well the black coffee that is a must to the local culture. Not much of words left but the actions to be taken and thou shall take a step into an adventurous journey to Paya Terubong to savor the really very the LOOONNNNGGGGG YCK. The picture below shows the various variety that one can choose from the menu.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Back IN Action

now now now....

its been more that a year in fact i think its already one and a half years since i written anything here... but today shall be the day that i shall continue to share life experiences with all of the readers or maybe just me writing and me reading...( which doesn't matter)

starting from now most probably i'll write accordingly to my (SS) mood.....

just for all your information, i'm changing this blog into a food blog( it should have been since day one) but i'll leave my previous posts available for reference... just a reminder to myself and to those ppl who would like to know what i was , what i am and what i will be...


Why food Blog???

reason one would obviously be my career and my profession which actually gives me an extensive sight on all food ...

reason two.. who would npot want to see and savour all the good food in the world and most importantly to share with others thru words and tempt the rest of the world...

reason three... theres no better way to a mans heart that his stomach... i somehow cant find my heart thats y i intend to start by first finding my stomach..

enough reasoning for now and we'll see what i have in store for all the old and new readers and even myself...

Friday, January 18, 2008

New Years and Resolutions

Its the time of the year again, what time you may ask... well of course its the time of celebrations and festivals for the year is once again at its peak for we've just entered a new year and a whole new twelve months of problems, troubles and luck.

Every year at this time we start to think back of the past. The main few questions are always

Its because of these questions that we actually come out with such things called the "NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTION"

The functions of the new year resolution is nothing but a guideline just to make us move forward and achieving what's been left behind last years and the past few years. Often we also reminisce about our doings.

As we go to sleep at this time of the year around, we often come to dream of what we hoped would happen and the nightmares also come along when we also remember our mistakes. Flashbacks are often the most hurting of all for when we start to think back on how things were years back when younger days looms with happiness and joy and frens were at an abundance stage. tear can flow and rivers can be flooded but still no changes shall come around to bring us back to the time when we were happiest for happy time always end faster.

Well.... Well... it has all actually come to a conclusion that all decisions, mistakes and thoughts should be made with the right perspectives in order for us not to repeat our past mistakes and to ensure that we actually have good memories to remember and tales to share when we've moved on.

The keyword is actually legacy of which everybody has and is formed during his/ her lifetime from her doings no matter how good or evil for it will always be remembered as a legacy of which has a name printed in it. The cause of all this yet again comes back to one main point that is no one will live forever and we can only leave legacies to do our talking for when we actually leave we do not bring anything at all with us and the only thing left in the world will be our names. Pathetically only the name remains, our faces will soon be forgotten and left useless.

Therefore, practice good deeds for no matter how small or how big a deed is, it will still be a deed and good deeds clear our conscience and evil deeds cloud our hearts from the right path and will then lead us to a further root of evil.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Lessons LEarNt

Mistakes are commonly made daily by everyone in this life. Nobody at all in this lifetime that is free of mistakes.

All these will start to make sense only to optimism for when we learn to look at the bright side will we learn to appreciate the past and what has happen. The past often bears the most important times of our lives. That is why most human being always quote “ if I can just return……..” that is when we realise we did something wrong and we hope we had an opportunity to change what has been done.

However to learn from our mistakes is more important so lets move on to the first step in the lessons of learning from our mistakes.

1. In order to learn from the mistakes, we must first learn to identify( MAKE THE MISTAKES)
2. When we make the mistakes, we must then establish the order of how we made the mistake and the process along the way when you were making the mistake.
3. Next, identify factor/ cause of all these process that cause the mistake.

So far, we have actually gone thru the excruciating pain to just browse thru our mistakes and the effects/ damage that it has done but the human only learn from mistakes. Many people may scold you miserable words that cause you to fear the mistake that has been done. Most of the time we will get angry with the individuals but in fact we should be thankful to them for helping remind us of this mistake. So we move on to the next few step or should I say the last few steps….

4. After identifying the mistakes, we should form way/ methods to remind us of them and to make sure we do not repeat.
5. FINALLY and the most IMPORTANT step of all is to learn from the mistake that we have done.

How do we know that we have actually absorbed the lessons from our mistakes?

That is one thing that we will know not in the near future but as time goes by we will discover that actually our past mistake has benefit us because we do not repeat the same mistakes again and by knowing our mistakes, we can also constantly improve ourselves and break to greater heights.


Monday, December 10, 2007


Sitting in the office day after day makes minds run wild beyond control.. For once u thought u are in control of your life and u know what u wanna do and u are god damn sure u wanna do it. As you move along, you start to think about your future plan and how you wanna go by it.

Along the way as we move in our daily fantasies(day dreaming to be precise), we start to find ways to improve ad to try make the most out of the dream we had in order to benefit more people and not to harm others and the dream grows bigger and bigger and suddenly when you are just too bored in the office you turn out ti be more pesimistic than you ever thought you could be. You start to think about all the bad things that could happen when it hasn't even started...Thinking that knocking your big bulky head on the table would help get the thoughts out of your brains, you start banging your head on the table in the office and all your colleagues start to think that you are stupid or most probably out of your mind and so they leave you as you are just to save themselves from wasting THEIR PRECIOUS TIME...

But still, bad thoughts starts to get worst, now you actually start to tell yourself that nothing you dreamt of will ever work out in real life and you make yourself forget about all these crap that you thought about( these are the things that are actually motivating the workflow) so..... KABOOOOOOMMMM.... your work spirit goes down the drain and you give up your dream and tell ourself that you should not dream anymore because you are not qualified to dream and nothing will work out because you are just a normal person and you should work your ass out till the end of your life...

That is how bad the mindset can get when you brains has too much time on its self and your hands are too free... Ater all these, the voice will tell ...." YOU ARE NOW OFFICIALLY HOPELESS, YOU ARE NOT EVEN ABLE TO FIT IN THE SEWER, GO DUMP YOURSELF SOMEWHERE FAR, DONT GO INTO THE RIVER... DONT POLUTE THE ENVIROMENT, FIND SOMEPLACE THAT IS FIT FOR A PIECE OF TRASH LIKE YOU"

Down the drain goes your mentality and your determination... for all that you know you are just very very confused now and so you leave the office at 5.30 sharp with loads of confucian( I MEANT CONFUSION) running in your mind..

After your deluxe spa shower with your favourite bodywash(LUX BODY SPA/ SHOKUBUTSU/ DETTOL & etc....) you go for your dinner still sulking about your miserable life and glide your way out to dinner and drag your fat ass back to your miserable room..

Dinner always give new resolutions to live. As your eyes start to shut, just before you enter the world of lala and fantasies, new resolutions come to you and you make new plans for yourself and right at the very last minute before you lose conciousness you manage to find your spirit and soul and bring attach it back to your body again to get prepared for tomorrow but day after day the same thing goes by and still....


It comes to one final thing... just do it.. so i found the simple answer to all problems....

Monday, November 12, 2007

IGnorance is Bliss

Never have i thought i would be talking about this topic ever in my life i never thought it would be true.

However, things have gotten clearer to me these days where this phenomenon i would regard it happens more and more often.

Ignorance according to the "" is defined as a lack of knowledge. Ignorance is sometimes misinterpreted as a synonym of stupidity, and is as thus often taken as an insult.
In many cases ignorance is seen as a pleasant alternative to harsh reality.

Bliss however in the Oxford Dictionary is defined as
• noun 1 perfect happiness; great joy. 2 a state of spiritual blessedness.
• verb (bliss out or be blissed out) informal be in a state of perfect happiness, oblivious to everything else.
— ORIGIN Old English, related to BLITHE.

The combination of "ignorance is bliss" first emerged in Thomas Gray's poem, "Ode on a Distant Prospect of Eton College" (1742): "Where ignorance is bliss, 'tis folly to be wise."

And therefore the combination of this two words becoming a phrase actually tells us that to care at times only brings trouble to one's self but to ignore gives us freedom of thoughts and more space in our memory for we leave the worries far from us by ignoring.

Ignoring isn't totally bad, at times it gets us out of trouble. Imagine a person were to see two person fighting and stabbing each other.. The person actually has two choice

  1. walk to the scene of the dispute and with the kindest heart and soul and by uttering the kindest words try to settle the dispute while endangering thy self of getting stabbed to death accidentally.(you settle the dispute and u may live to tell tales about it and be grateful that thy is still alive/ you're dead having the thought that u tried ur best and karma just has its way to show its might)
  2. ignore and walk away from the scene and just forget the whole scenario and it may just save thy life.(you may have done bad but u still have ur life to save more)

well, its a choice to choose and its a choice of thoughts by every single person. so

TO BE OR NOT TO BE????????

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

from A Great Person TO the COmmunity

As usual, I saw your students moving around promoting food kept in polystyrene containers. I could not control my tears in my heart. The students are very innocent; without knowing much about the harm behind their smiles on their faces. Are we really educating? Do we truly love the people and especially our future generations? Or do we just want to hit and run in a life's time without caring what would happen to our future generations. I am writing all this with my heart squatting down. I hope you could understand my feeling, which actually gives me the strength to cycle to and from work over some 30 km per day.

Should the H&T be willing to opt for the best for the society, I am willing to buy up all the existing stock of polystyrene containers to be sent out for recycling. My pain is no less than the tears you had during the touching movies. Please give some thought and consideration over the matter before I proceed to the top management.

Thank you for everything.

The above message was sent to me thru email by one of my colleague from another department.

As we can observe, he is a great man.It has never crossed my mind a single bit that i could one day come across such a person which i think only comes around in novels and story books and fairy tales.

MAybe the HEAVEN ABOVE heard my call and sent such a person straight to me. but if we realise, this great man actually also has lots and lots of humour in him.

Please do observe those phrase's highlighted. If we do really understand, it is plucked from chinese proverbs or should i call it synonyms.It really struck me and at the same time made me laugh while deep down inside i actually understand the importance of caring for the enviroment. And therefore i feel the urge to share this with everyone.