Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Often we hear people talking using proverbs and one of the topic that is proved controversial when spoken is these two proverbs.


The usage of either one of these proverbs depends on the state of mind and also the conditions of the surrounding enviroment but sometimes it is not appropriate for the usage because it will draw off ur focus from the reality and cause "VAINISM" to come into the picture and thus creating a new perspective of mindset for a person to work on.

This is not usually bad as it can also create awareness to the flaws that we have and we are just using these proverbs to cover up for our indifference and to create self motivation in order not to give up in life and still have a point to fight for.

From a personal point of view, this both doesnt work without iniative to improve ones self and by only relying on the shadows of these proverbs the person is actually trying to hide from reality. No doubt looks are not as important as what is deep down inside but still the outer appearance play a major role in the first impression given to others.

Who would a person hang out with:::

1) Ah pek style clothing with sweaty singlet and shorts walking draggy type and wearing traditional chinese clogs..or
2) Smart intellectual with well combed hair and walks the walk.

I'm particularly refering to first impressions....

However, self confidence inside given power by "TRUE BEAUTY LIES WITHIN" often helps and individual to exit the real human perspective of the certain individual and create a driving force to excel and to prove to others that the inner beauty is most important to succeed.

Main point is, all proverbs are translated into different meanings depending on the mind set and the perspective of live the person has and not forgetting the enviroment of the usage..


Annabel said...

I think you mean VANITY and not VAINISM... but I could be wrong. In any case, there's a lot of truth in this post. A lot of people are beautiful on the inside but unless they make a good effort on the outside too, they will almost never be noticed. You don't have to be handsome or pretty, It's about presentation... right Chef? :)

chefkhuen said...

bell.. u spoke my mind...its rare nowadays to find people who are contented with the way they look.. most of these people wanna be something they are not

conan_cat said...

oh yeah... many people use those words too much just to hide the fact that they're just plain lazy to groom themselves up. you might not be good looking naturally, but with some grooming and some attention paid to your attires things can change drastically, and you will be noticed because of your personality confidence on what you're wearing. that shows the real you. :)

Des said...

very meaningful chef!