Sunday, August 5, 2007

The Downward SLOPE

Everybody started out as kids and we move on without knowing what we would be in the future and not knowing what we will encounter and how will we face it when it comes...(WE ARE ALWAYS SEARCHING FOR GUIDEBOOKS THAT DOES NOT EXIST)

All along ever since the beginning of time, people has always been searching for a way out to make things easier for humans and guess what....

That was the beginning of technology.. every improvement made in real life to help humans to achieve greater heights are called technology.(TECHNOLOGY DO NOT ONLY REFER TO ELECTRONIC ITEMS....) There was once a time in the past when even a single piece of claypot or even a long walking stick was considered a very high end and u can just imagine people these days keep asking for more in a shorter time..

This is when we should recall that "THE GREATWALL OF CHINA WASNT BUILT IN A DAY" Patience as we call it,

However have u ever imagine every human progress too in our lives but our live will go very high up until a certain stage and then it will slowly slope down. For instance, when we are babies we progress from lying around to crawling and from crawling to walking and from walking to running...(well thats the best a man can do)

Yet again i remind us all of the phrase "TRY WALKING BEFORE U TRY TO RUN"

U guessed it right, its plucked directly from da hokkien phrase of "au boey oak kia buay oak lang chao"

Back to the main point...(it is really hard to get in track)

As we progress further and further we get our dream on what to do and what we want in life but as we grow older into our adolence *BOOOMMMMMM

The hill starts to fall apart and we are only left with grains of sand for us to start building our own hills and mountains but the results are different from one another and the hill or mountain will depend on how u look at it.

Most importantly, in life there are always ups and downs but the most important we should learn all the lessons taught along all these moment and bring it thru life and not let itbring u thru life for it will slowly burden the shoulder that carries it and that shoulder will one day break and the fall will definitely be severe.

Choices are however always available for any situation no matter what the situation is.. all that matters is the consequences....



Annabel said...

Very good advice Chef. We're always taught to be careful... all the clichés in life...

Look before you jump.

Think before you speak or you'll end up with foot in mouth disease.

Learn to walk before you try to run.

But on the other hand, you CAN be too careful... and then all the opportunities will pass you by... isn't life ironic?

chefkhuen said...

haha... bell....
yet again... this is "LIFE"
life is just a game that we play subconciously.
the winners are happy and losers are those who dont survive to see the end.. pathetic life...
but we'll just have to live it

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