Wednesday, October 31, 2007

from A Great Person TO the COmmunity

As usual, I saw your students moving around promoting food kept in polystyrene containers. I could not control my tears in my heart. The students are very innocent; without knowing much about the harm behind their smiles on their faces. Are we really educating? Do we truly love the people and especially our future generations? Or do we just want to hit and run in a life's time without caring what would happen to our future generations. I am writing all this with my heart squatting down. I hope you could understand my feeling, which actually gives me the strength to cycle to and from work over some 30 km per day.

Should the H&T be willing to opt for the best for the society, I am willing to buy up all the existing stock of polystyrene containers to be sent out for recycling. My pain is no less than the tears you had during the touching movies. Please give some thought and consideration over the matter before I proceed to the top management.

Thank you for everything.

The above message was sent to me thru email by one of my colleague from another department.

As we can observe, he is a great man.It has never crossed my mind a single bit that i could one day come across such a person which i think only comes around in novels and story books and fairy tales.

MAybe the HEAVEN ABOVE heard my call and sent such a person straight to me. but if we realise, this great man actually also has lots and lots of humour in him.

Please do observe those phrase's highlighted. If we do really understand, it is plucked from chinese proverbs or should i call it synonyms.It really struck me and at the same time made me laugh while deep down inside i actually understand the importance of caring for the enviroment. And therefore i feel the urge to share this with everyone.

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