Friday, January 18, 2008

New Years and Resolutions

Its the time of the year again, what time you may ask... well of course its the time of celebrations and festivals for the year is once again at its peak for we've just entered a new year and a whole new twelve months of problems, troubles and luck.

Every year at this time we start to think back of the past. The main few questions are always

Its because of these questions that we actually come out with such things called the "NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTION"

The functions of the new year resolution is nothing but a guideline just to make us move forward and achieving what's been left behind last years and the past few years. Often we also reminisce about our doings.

As we go to sleep at this time of the year around, we often come to dream of what we hoped would happen and the nightmares also come along when we also remember our mistakes. Flashbacks are often the most hurting of all for when we start to think back on how things were years back when younger days looms with happiness and joy and frens were at an abundance stage. tear can flow and rivers can be flooded but still no changes shall come around to bring us back to the time when we were happiest for happy time always end faster.

Well.... Well... it has all actually come to a conclusion that all decisions, mistakes and thoughts should be made with the right perspectives in order for us not to repeat our past mistakes and to ensure that we actually have good memories to remember and tales to share when we've moved on.

The keyword is actually legacy of which everybody has and is formed during his/ her lifetime from her doings no matter how good or evil for it will always be remembered as a legacy of which has a name printed in it. The cause of all this yet again comes back to one main point that is no one will live forever and we can only leave legacies to do our talking for when we actually leave we do not bring anything at all with us and the only thing left in the world will be our names. Pathetically only the name remains, our faces will soon be forgotten and left useless.

Therefore, practice good deeds for no matter how small or how big a deed is, it will still be a deed and good deeds clear our conscience and evil deeds cloud our hearts from the right path and will then lead us to a further root of evil.


Des said...

stay on ur resolution, and u'll definitely gona gain lots from it!

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