Friday, July 27, 2007

OuT fOr LuNch!!!!

Well, lunch is a common subject that we all need to go thru as long as we live.. and i ahd my fair share of ups and downs and therefore to prevent others from receiving the same dissapointment i shall share my dining experience with everybody.(taste and requirement for food may differ for every individual)

This is one of the restaurants cum kopitiam(modern day kopitiam ler..means everything also more expensive one

Well, the first course usually will be the drinks. As for drinks, its very common for this is premixed solutions and just blended with ice without any special recipe's.

Then there is the main course as usual, there are many varieties of the western menu on da main course and this is just one of it. IT cos RM 8.90 and is called some mexican chic . My first impression to it was.. What is this???
THis is the work of a very unsatisfied person perhaps its like throwing everything on the plate in a rush. Please observe the piece of chicken sitting there. its such a small piece and the chicken is pre-scored before cooking but the cutting skills is quite bad causing the chicken to look bad itself. The vegetables is very unappealing. Overall including the taste i will only give 2 out of 5 stars.

Ok, this looks very much better, and appetising its called BIG BREAD.. Well, the bread is soft and quite dry to me but it is meant to be this way for u have to dip it in da curry. To my amazement the bread is massed produced bread and bought commercially and the taste is really very tasteless and not filling like i expect. to the curry..The curry is really of out of taste and very low consistency or water like. U may mistaken it for some soup. However, it cost RM4.50

NASI LEMAK AYAM.. SOunds nice, LooKs Nice... now nasi lemak is something very common in MALAYSIA but flavours may differ according to the cook who prepares it. This nasi lemak is dissapointing because of the chicken curry. The chicken curry hass the consistency of mineral water and just a slight hint oc chicken curry aroma. The piece of chicken wing however was quite soft and tender. The rice was really something to remeber for the taste and aroma is very well balanced. This plate of nasi lemak cost RM4.90.

Well, u may get the same thing with better quality out by the streets for a lower price and maybe of higher quality. However, this KOPITIAM provides for wifi users and that may be the ultimate reason why this KOPITIAM is ever establised and not for the food.