Thursday, June 7, 2007

About me

My first blog here...
and to "kui mua" (opening ceremony)
i am going to introduce my self

Let me tell u why...
i am so sick of those people wearing those expensive chef jackets and sitting in offices walking around the kitchen and smiling to guests.

I choose to be ancient chinese cuisinier
In penang if u go out walking the streets clad in giorgio armani shirt and slacks... the community might mistaken u for 2 things

1.. SALESMAN ( already programmed from young)

2.. CRAZYMAN ( wah lau eh!!! so hot also can wear like that sure
is crazy 1)

SO, the main point is.. i go out usually only clad in shorts and a simple t-shirt strolling around town in my trustworthy bike . Looking for a dirty stall by the roadside so quench my thirst for good food.

In penang, the best food stalls are OFTEN found to be one of the dirtiest( ugly but true). Well almost everybody grow up by the phrase of " la sahm chiak la sahm tuah"( means we grow according to what we eat and also grow strong in hokkien)

Thats all i have to share about myself for now..

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