Saturday, June 30, 2007

LoOks Are DecEiVinG??????

i had an inspiration to write this after i talked to my fren about a certain issue and voila why not dedicate this to her..

All of us started out as babies with very innocent thoughts runiing thru out minds telling us that the world is pure and the world is a very honest place.. That is one of the reasons being a child is always better because we tend to believe most of the things adults tell us.. From there most adults try to tell us to study hard and be honest and they try to nurture us with their vision of what they want us to be... For instance " kuai kuai tark chek co loh kun".( study hard become doc)

So because of the few words they instilled in us makes us think that being a doc or maybe a lawyer is the best things that happen on us..( tell me if ur mum and dad nvr mention this 2 proffession b4) And because of that we try to achive greater heights in our studies and everytime we dont do well in our exams, our parents will question us" like that also cannot then how wanna be doctor..


At a point of time we will ask ourselves this very question but still we work our hearts out to do what our parents want us to..

From primary 1 to primary 6 and from form 1 to form 6 and until we take diploma, degree, masters...

When we cannot achieve being something high we will always feel bad about ourselves for we did not fulfill our parents wishes. BUt.. have u ever thought about your passion...

What lies beneath ur heart??

What u really want in life??

What is your way of life???

THis dilemma always hit us at one point of life making us go out of course..

So... to all my friends.. dont worry too much about what parents say when u are young.. They just want us to study hard and make it.... Nobody want their children to flop in life..

Different parents have different way of showing that they care and they actually love all their children....

All that matters when u grow up is u just be someone useful and u will see the smile carved on ur parents face forever in our mind playing around....

Just do our best in whatever we are doing as long as it benefits our life's then it will be just fine..

THis Is DeDicated TO
A FRiEnd Of mIne
MS. Janice Neoh Chia-Wee

( The future is what lies ahead, not the past)