Saturday, June 9, 2007

Lesson's of "KUIH KAU"

Kuih kau is a fish people often look for when they head down to the best seafood restaurant in town. but how much do we know about this fish...

I think i forgot.. KUIH KAU is actually refering to grouper in the chinese dialect....

funny to say but often u see people boasting to other about the "KUIH KAU'S" they had for dinner and so on and so forth.. e.g...

Waiter: hallo... lai cheh.... ai chiak ha mik???( hallo. come sit..what would u like to have ?)

Guest: loo oo ... Kuih Kau bo??( u got... grouper??)

Waiter: tien tiok oo!! loo ai juak tua chiak??( sure!! what size do u want??)

Guest: wa ai tua tua chiak eh.. kah ho chiak !!!(i want big big 1.. taste better!!!)

To think of it, how many of us really know the truth... The last sentence in the conversation is the sad truth we often find when we visit restaurants..( cocky customers)

People only wanna show off to other by ordering the biggest grouper in the restaurant as it costs RM 45 or more for a kg.

The fact is, groupers are best at the range of 400gm to 600gm.. ( big doesnt mean good u know) The fish we usually get at restaurants are commercialised breeds and they have a certain odour to their meat compared to their close relatives swimming out of the floating nets..( wild is better than tame" law of nature")

Sometimes people even consume the wrong species and still boast about it( also called pirated edition"joking nee"). groupers are only a name like our surname.. there are many other types of groupers some are edible and some are not... some can even make u cry with a single touch( touch of an angel la) ..

Thats all for groupers, other lessons coming some other days... u can ask more but i will charge..HAHAH!!!!!


CRIZ LAI said...

I'm the master of Kuih Kau. Haha...just make sure you do not feed them with the blue stripe coral kuih kau. It can be poisonous. Yea I agreed with you on the best size on the table. 600gms is the best, nothing exceed 1kg is still good. The last one I caught, 2.5kg ended up as Otak-Otak. It tasted good. Anything bigger than that will be in my Laksa soup..haha :P

Annabel said...

Suddenly felt like going through your old posts... seems you started blogging only recently ne?~

Anyway, I dunno about Grouper... but I have to say my favourite fish is Blue Cod :) Maybe it's the NZ equivalent of Kuih Kau? I dunno.