Thursday, June 14, 2007

MOdern dAy PRoVerB

Confusion seems to be the trend for the upcoming generation of teenagers as we are influenced by the technology that blooms like mushrooms after the rain.

However this has brought up the thought to many that u can change urself to be something else. In comes the part where plastic surgery plays a big role. Everyone seems to look forward in inserting an alien piece of rubbery object at places where it will effect the most.
JUst be Like all these monkeys who
just live their lives one day at a time!!!

But, are u sure it will change u..???? From this, i got a very out of the world proverb..


When a pig implants a silicon at her marmary glans whe will still only be a pig with implanted rubber. It will not alter a pig and change it into a monkey or alter a monkey and change it into a pig. The true nature still lies beneath that fake mask implanted by an entity called in by the pig and the monkey.

Therefore it is how we act that reveals our nature and not how we look. even if we were to dress in our best tuxedo but suddenly we belch loudly then the integrity is lost. the tuxedo has been over written.

Stop dreaming and wake up. Be who u are and strive being it and not trying to strive by impersonating some person who you worship when he/she doesnt even know u exist.

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