Sunday, July 8, 2007

CarBOnaRa alA VIngIE

BEcause to day my mood very good and i dowan Criz and Vingie confuse between marinara and carbonara..

"WO SI SEN CHI CI" to write this recipe

Spaghetti Carbonara

garlic (sliced) 5 cloves( 5 ulas)
thyme 1 teaspoon
yellow onion ( sliced) 50gram
bacon (sliced) 50gram
olive oil 2 tablespoon
creme 300ml
butter 1 tablespoon
parmesan cheese 20gram

Spaghetti 150grams

1. boil da spaghetti in combination of water and a little bit of salt and oil. and set aside.
2.heat up the pan and put in the olive oil before adding in the butter.
3.tumis the garlic until light coloured before putting in the thyme, onion and bacon.
4.tumis everything a until flavourful
5.add in creme and slow down fire and let to simmer until thicken a little. add in the cheese and the spaghetti and kacau kacau before pour on plate.
7. if u like u can pour a little bit white wine on top( i tablespoon is more than enuf)
8. put fresh parsley in middle so look nicer..( hahaha.. depends on personal preference)
9. sprinkle some balck or white pepper on top for final touch and taste..
10.. adjust with salt for better taste


vingie said...

thanks! =)

Chia Mimi said...

Can I shut out the bacon Chef Inside Shorts?

Chia ;)

chefkhuen said...

well the bacon can be replaced or even taken out at ur own will but it will certainly affect the taste

Annabel said...

OoOoOh!!! No... it's not Carbonara without the BACON!! Haha!!I usually take out the egg, add mushrooms and turn it into Boscaiola! Hehe!

How to confuse Carbonara and Marinara ah? one red one white...