Saturday, July 7, 2007

Farewell SHOUTER.. oR Is iT??

We'll days back .. i overheard CHee Hsien and Benjipapa talking bout a farewell for our fellow bloggers.. Christina yy and KP...( i bet these 2 dont even know about the event) Well, it sounds fun with all the ppl there and stuff we are gonna do. THe initial plan was to go to Queens BAy mall for lunch at 12pm and continue on at Gurney Plaza..

WOW!!! Great plan i thought to myself.. So.. out of the dark, i decided to tag along and join in the ShoutOut family gathering to send off out comrades..

Finally,,,..... The day came and all i can think of is " how these ppl look like huh??"

Its because i neva see them before..

So... UNUSUALLY, on the 7th of JUly 2007... I made myself wake up at 10.30... I sprang out of bed and straight to the shower and rushed into some of my rags and straight to my trusty bike( new 1 k)...

On the bike i went and the watch shows 11.30 am.. but i told myself " what the heck!!! New BIke must buy 4D" and so i went straight to MAGNUM and DA MA CAI" ... Now my watch shows 11.40am..( if u do not know... i'm still at tjg.. tokong)..

I told myself again "SHout out ppl very forgiving 1, they will forgive a little lateness 1" .. Then i hurriedly rush to QBM.... When i reach QBM... to my dismay.. all full d... bike also cannot go in.. and had to take de tour and turn thru pantai jerjak area....

OK.. skip the parking and stuff... So i headed straight to the Coffee BEan to look for some familiar faces waiting stupidly.. ( i forgot to tell... i got there at 12.15 pm) well. i did see some "LALA MUI" sitting there.. i dunno t is it a shouter or not.. so i decided to go take a walk first.. TO AND FRO AND INTO THE BOOKSTORE AND OUT AND TO COFFEE BEAN..
and still no one familiar... but..

I saw a whole group of ppl like 15 ppl.. i told myself " SHOUT OUT so many supportive ppl 1 woh" but i dare not approach.. so i call 1st..( i call MINNY)


ME: minny.. u know who i am???
MINNY: dunno wor!! Who are u??
ME: KHUEN!!! Where are u??
MINNY: ah?? ah?? ah?? Chef izzit.. ohh. i at parking( thought to myself" huh.. 12.45pm d")
ME: okok. wait at coffee bean..

So i faster walk to coffee bean.. i oni can see CH standing there.. so i waited like BEDEGUNG with him until like 1pm then oni Cedric, MInny and Benji showed up...


ME : CH whats the plan..
CH. dunno wor.. go fin some where eat lo..
ME : ok lets go..
( the discussion went on like this for 15minutes if u know what i mean)

then we decided to move and go buy movie tickets for DH but all tickets sold out but CH din say anything and made us all stand there in front of GSC for another 5 min..

OK,,, the best part.. " the blind leading the blind"

for the first time today.. i thought CH knows where he is going.. we walk walk walk walk and walk.. then suddenly CH turns and ask " where we going??" ( wah lau .. i almost went on my knees leh)

REally keng!!! Then we decided to move on and on .. then we walk until in front of jusco where we got stuck for another 15minutes again because of ( look at conversation 2)..

OK.. we walk walk walk walk and walk.. then Cedric decide that we should just go "kioh kay" at kenny rogers then we follow Cedric walk and suddenly he turn and ask " how to go KENNY ROGERS??"( at that point of time i really feel like decapitating his head) but he too funny d..

Ok then we "kioh kay" at kenny rogers lo.. at first the waitress dont cai us 1 but when Cedric mumbled some MAGIC WORDSS we suddenly got attention..

ok.. LUnch was served and eat eat eat..

fact 1... we know that MInny " boo" until 4.30am and barely had any sleep

NExt thing we know .. we saw some strange happening behind our table( not forgetting.. Emily joined us) We saw really "chick-a-licious" ppl..

WE paid and move on and once again dunno where to go and we decided to go "POOL" at GP.. so we called everybody and straight away went to GP..

SWT>>>>>>> So we got there and met Dexter and start playing pool ..

FACT_- CEDRIC is very keng in "POOL-ing"
- MINNY is very SOLID( thats y she can "BOO" until 4.30am)
- Al is very "POOL-fesional"
- CHEF is very " chiu cheng"
- CH is very good "PRETENDER"

and i din see Benjipapa play cos....( read on)

ok la. "HEHE!!! HAHA!!! HUHU!!! LALA!!! BLA!! BLA!!! BLA!!!

GO here GO there Eat here and Play there... And finally I GO TO WORK( really dont feel like going)

That's my part of the story ... share urs??


CRIZ LAI said...

Now only u know going out with them can be so fun. Blind leading the blind and the blur leading the blur. Haha.. Congrats! Welcome to the ShoutOut family :P

chefkhuen said...

there's always a first time criz!!!! but the next time.. i'll be prepared right??

Anonymous said...

yeeer nvr call meeeee
so fun....i wanna go...
so far i havent seen any other shouters except lasker,CH,cedric,erlynda,elise,u,DHand wendy!!!

chefkhuen said...

baby d.. sure got chance 1 ler