Wednesday, July 11, 2007

TOm YAm GOOng!!!!!

well, spicyness is part of daily lives here in THE PEARL OF THE ORIENT

Recipe of the day is "TOM YAM GOONG"


So TOm YAm GOONg means , " SPIcy Soup WIf Prawns"

The ingredients u will need are
( because most ppl reading this is lazy so i give the instant recipe... haha)

lemongrass( hentam.. just hit not crush) 1 stalk
lime leaf (koyak) 2-3 leafs
onion (quart it) 2 numbers
tomatoes (quart) 1 numbers
cilipadi ( choose small small 1,hentam) 5-6 sticks
young corn ( cut half) 3-4 numbers
button mushroom (quart) 5 numbers
lime juice 2 tablespoon
water 500ml
evaporated milk 2tablespoon

1. Boil lemongrass, limeleaf, onions, tomatoes, cilipadi until onion losses colour and mixture gives out fragrance.
2. Add in young corn and button mushroom and bring to boil.
3. Next, add in lime juice and adjust taste with salt and sugar based on personal preference.
4. finally top it with evaporated milk before serving...
5. Voila,!!!!! eat!!!