Wednesday, July 25, 2007


IN life, evevrybody goes thru ups and downs..

Everybody including me, at one point of time will find ourselves very attached to something of somesort and that is our life line to live on and if we lose it then it is the end of our world..
Sad isn't it??

These are called feelings, feelings are things u feel and u cannot see, see and u cannot touch, touch and u will die..!!!

The reason for the above statement is... if it happens to u urself then u will feel it and u cannot see it. If it happens to ur frens then u will be acle to see it but u will not be able to touch and the final phrase says that if u insist on touching....BEWARE....PARANG COMING THRU!!!

As we like to say in my college class,,,..."ITS ALL PART OF GROWING UP" this phrase always make me think of my friends in high school and in college and those i meet..

Acquaintance and friends alike.. its always our fate that has brought us together and those times we shared shall always stay as memories whether sweet or bitter...we know " WE'VE GONE THRU IT TOGETHER"

However, all happy moments must always come to an end.. IN life we tend to call this a cycle of friends.. the old will recide and the new ones come in and the cycle goes on but still we sill find a place for all of our friends in our hearts.

This applies for not only friends but also to our pets and the most importantly FAMILY ...

As the cycle goes on, we tend to go off track and sometimes we end up in da junk because we cannot let go of that attached feeling that we have after bonding to something or someone that we know after sometime.


That is always the case for everyone alike.

In high school, i use to say that "LIFE IS MISERABLE/ LIFE IS BORING'

I always thought that college life or varsity life would be much more interesting than high school. BUt getting in to college proved me wrong, i thought hard to myself and i could only blame myself for not appreciating the times i had in high school.


I saw this phrase in my high school and i remember it till this day.. This is to say that i live my life based on principles of life and QUotations often created on my own.

Opportunities come and go as they please, if we do not grab the opportunity in front of us at that very moment then we will not know when it will approach again.

Thoughts are often what is left when we do not take the opportunities and we weep ourselves out when we let go of our single route to success.

Feelings are very treacherous things , it may be progressive or even depressing.

When troubles come for me, i only tell myself "IT IS ONLY WHEN WE FALL WILL WE LEARN AND REMEMBER"

After going thru 20 yrs of SWEET, BITTER, SOUR AND SALTINESS of life, i realised that life is actually a very big simulation game and we are the players and also the creator of the game that we are playing. We tend to cause our own disqualifications and success.

Gods teachings for all races are the handbook. THis applies to all religion.

The handbook provides us guidelines for how the game is played but the human nature lures us into our dark side and brings us to explore the world within our souls and unleashing the devil in us.

In conclusion, In life there are ups and downs, things comes in cycle's, they come and they go.,

This is the law of affect and effect or in short we call it karma.


Dexter - Dexterity said...

me 1st...!!!! haha

i actually like this

"After going thru 20 yrs of SWEET, BITTER, SOUR AND SALTINESS of life, i realised that life is actually a very big simulation game and we are the players and also the creator of the game that we are playing. We tend to cause our own disqualifications and success."

but, to me la... i think we r the players of gods game lo. n i mean GodS with an 's'. in my point of view la... they wanted to make experiment on the different feelings as u say sweet, bitter n so on... so they created us, life, people... so that they could observe what we do and how we act...

its also same as we 'people' experimenting on animals, they way they act and so on...

its just my point of view la... hehe...

Wendy said...

hehe chef..
well guess that we all will move on to a greater stage in our lives where we will be fully responsible for our own actions and decisions!
so have fun graduating!
I can't wait for meeeeeeeee to graduate!

chefkhuen said...

dexter.... its all part of growing up.. no matter who the creator is.. its still a game.

wendy... last offer.. we exchange places??

miChi3 said...

yes,part of growing up..=)
no matter what happened, we learned from it and we will try not to make the same mistakes again..

chefkhuen said...

michie mouseyyyyyy......
but its pain pain when fall down

日月神教-任我行 said...