Wednesday, July 4, 2007


Years past since the dinosaurs left..... ( millions of years ago) people were very grateful ever since then because stupid looking monsters would no longer chase after them wanting to eat them and always making them feel small an timid..

LAter..... men were also grateful for getting knowledge... men were grateful for being able to start fire..

----- alexander was grateful because his parents gave birth to him..

----- chinese emperors were grateful for they have women waiting for them

----- genghis khan was grateful to his horse until the day the horse killed him

----- newton was grateful for the apple falling on his head

The point is, when we dont have something and when we get it or when we discover it, we will be very grateful for the things that happen..( most of us do)

Things always happen for a reason..... is a phrase we often hear spoken by people who we think are wise and we would actually believe them and then... we stop to fight and we lose our flame.... flames fade away along with our spirit.....

As time passes, many things get more complicated and at the same time making life simple for the living beings on earth...

Men drove in petrol driven egines instead of bullock carts

speak on the phone instead of snail mailing( which takes ages)

Shouts in instead of having a meeting( hope SOMEONE IS LOOKIng)

uses ZIPPO to light cigarettes instead of using matches..

Because all these material things that approach us, we need *MR.M* and thus we work our asses out to fulfill our livesss... BUt as we GROW.. we discover that we NEED MORE..

HEnce, we slowly stop to APPRECIATE what we have and we start to hunt for more things in live to make more out of our lives without realising that we are actually losing more than we gain..

As we work to achieve our goals.. we obtain another goal along the way and the road gets tougher but we persevere and stress start to elevate..

With stress comes with DEPRESSION.. All of these just because we are not satisfied with what we have and we do not APPRECIATE what we have,,....

Because of the above case scenario..,,>>>>>>

elevating DEPRESSION + decreasing APPRECIATION



Because we are always too obsessed with our daily lives we often do not realise the DEPRECIATION of values in our community such as FILIAL PIETY and SYMPATHY..


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i like the ganghis khan n hore killing him... wakakaka....